Small Town Shocked as Pervert Diaper Fetish Biz Opens Next to Kids’ Park

Berna Namoglu /
Berna Namoglu /

Residents in the small town of Atkinson, New Hampshire, have been shocked by a new business that opened right next to a popular children’s park. “The Diaper Spa” is a place where adult weirdoes can walk around in diapers pretending that they are babies. Services at the “spa” include “changing time,” which we don’t even want to think about. Town residents are now furious at the city council for allowing the business to open there in the first place.

Atkinson only has a population of about 7,000 people as of the last census. It’s amazing that a town that size even has enough perverts in it to support a “spa” of this nature. Maybe there’s a lot of adult diaper tourism in that part of New Hampshire?

The Diaper Spa’s website—which we don’t recommend visiting—says that the business will “nurture and pamper all diaper lovers and enthusiasts in richly immersive experiences.”

Filthy perverts and deviants can pay good money at the Diaper Spa to enjoy “snacks…playtime, story time, nap time, cuddle time, changing time, coloring, nursery rhymes and sing-a-longs.”

The services at the Diaper Spa don’t come cheap. It costs $300 per hour to hang out while pretending you are a baby and crapping in a diaper so another adult can change you. The all-day “premier spa experience” costs $1,500.

“In the summer, you can play with your water wings and floaties poolside, picnic under the tree with your teddy bear, play marbles on the patio, or swing on the front porch swing and serve tea to your dollies on the porch,” the website breathlessly explains.

People who are normal and mentally healthy are not happy about this weirdo business opening up right next to a popular children’s park, however. Resident Kayla Gallagher is a mother of three kids, and she says she’s worried that the business might be catering to deviant sex perverts.

“That is something that I will never be willing to expose my kids to, so now we will no longer be able to use that park,” said Kayla.

We’re going to go out on a limb here and let Kayla know that she should probably follow her instincts on that.

Town resident Mike Vigliotta opposes the Diaper Spa for similar reasons.

“That kind of concerns me,” said Mike. “Who knows what that leads to.”

We all know what it leads to. Every time that the Democrat Party gets people to accept a new fetish as “normal,” it pushes society closer to their real goal, which is to legalize pedophilia. Most people on the political right are tolerant to a certain extent. The communists in the Democrat Party use that sentiment against you, usually with apples and oranges comparisons.

“You don’t want to allow adult men to walk around in diapers next to a children’s park? What’s next? Will you want to ban black people from sitting at the lunch counter? You’re a racist!”

That tactic is surprisingly effective on a lot of nice people. Getting called a racist makes their brains shut down, so they just censor themselves. The next thing you know, there’s weirdoes in diapers at the children’s park.

Fortunately, the residents of Atkinson are not falling for the usual “tolerance” argument on this one. They’ve started a petition to get the city council to reject any business and zoning licenses that the Diaper Spa applies for. If the city council doesn’t comply, it should be an easy task for a small protest group to shut the place down.

Just stand outside and take pictures of every weirdo who drives up to the “spa.” Its business should dry up pretty quickly.