Only One College Professor in America Has Donated More Than $1,000 to Trump 2024

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A common criticism of higher education in America these days is that colleges and universities are one-sided brainwashing institutions that foment communism in our midst. That’s true, of course. But it’s gotten much worse in recent years. Out of all the college professors in the United States, only one has donated $1,000 or more to Donald Trump’s 2024 reelection campaign.

That’s astonishing. This was discovered after a search was conducted through 2024 Federal Election Commission records. For every donation above $200, the donor is required to list their employer for FEC records. Out of all the college professors in the entire country, only one has donated more than $1,000 toward President Trump’s reelection.

As you can imagine, tons of professors have donated more than $1,000 to Joe Biden. 289 of them, in fact, according to the FEC.

Just how many professors are there in the US?

In 2020, the National Center for Education Statistics said there were 189,692 professors, 162,095 associate professors, and 166,543 assistant professors. That’s a grand total of 518,330 professors.

The one professor who donated more than $1,000 to Trump’s reelection effort was Erich Eischen, a tax and accounting professor at Dakota State University in South Dakota.

It begs the question as to why so many conservative parents are still sending their kids to college these days. The professors hate you and your values and will do everything in their power to convert your kids into BLM-loving communists. All for $150,000 in debt and a worthless degree in transgender Hungarian interpretive dance. You’re better off steering your kids toward an apprenticeship in plumbing or HVAC repair after they finish high school.

If there’s only one MAGA-supporting college professor in the entire country, it’s time to start having serious conversations about how our tax dollars are supporting these one-sided, ideological bubbles.