No Bailouts for Liars: American Taxpayers Should Let All the Newspapers Die

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The leftwing Atlantic magazine published a hilarious article calling on the American taxpayers to save the dying mainstream media industry—especially newspapers and magazines like the Atlantic. It’s not as if the MSM performs some vital public service any longer. Hey, everyone! The same media propagandists that constantly lie to us, insult us, and figuratively spit in our faces would like a bailout! How about “No?”

One of the greatest gifts that President Donald Trump gave to the American people was ripping off the last veil of credibility that the media was hiding behind. “Fake news” is one of the most accurate terms available to describe the press these days. Liberal bias was thrown out the window years ago when Barack Obama was in the White House. Today, the mainstream media is comprised of active propagandists for the power structure in Washington, DC, and they lie to us about everything.

Pop quiz: When was the last time that the mainstream media told you the truth about anything?

That’s a tough question for most of us to answer. On the flip side of that question, we can think of a zillion stories that the “objective journalists” in the mainstream media have lied to us about.

How about the Russia collusion lie? That dragged on for years and harmed America’s foreign policy with Russia. Even after it was discovered that the so-called “dossier” had been paid for by the Hillary Clinton campaign and the DNC, the media continued to run with the story for another two years. Reporters got awards for reporting lies about that story. In the end, everything about the Russia collusion hoax turned out to be a complete and total lie.

How about the Jussie Smollett story? Two MAGA hat-wearing white guys attacked poor Jussie in the middle of the night during a polar vortex. In Chicago. Every intelligent person watching understood that this story was a lie and blood libel against half the country. You picked up the lie and carried it for Jussie. The same goes for the “NASCAR noose.”

Remember what you put teenager Nick Sandmann from Covington Catholic High School through? For the crime of wearing a MAGA hat, you claimed that he was a vicious racist who was oppressing Native Americans with his smirk of white supremacy. He was actually a nervous kid who smiled during an awkward situation, and you tried to destroy his life. How much did the Washington Post’s false reporting on that story cost them in court, by the way? $25 million?


You lied about Kyle Rittenhouse. Kyle defended his own life against a pack of Democrat pedophiles and career criminals, and you called KYLE the murderer when he was put on trial. You’re such liars!

You spread the “very fine people” hoax about President Trump’s speech after protests in Charlottesville, VA. You spread the lie that Trump was allowing Russia to pay bounties on US troops in Afghanistan. You told us that Trump went all “Jack Bauer” and attacked Secret Service agents before grabbing the steering wheel of the presidential limo on January 6th. You told us cops were murdered on January 6th. You told us that Trump killed a pond full of koi fish on a visit to Japan.

The Atlantic even sent three reporters to the White House to investigate whether Trump’s 4-year-old grandson had assembled a LEGO kit all by himself, only to declare that the child had lied. Great reporting, A-holes!

If the mainstream media dies, it deserves to die. All it’s done for more than a decade now is lie to the American people about every important story—and even the ones that aren’t so important.

You liars aren’t getting a bailout from the taxpayers. We won’t stand for it. Bestselling author Larry Correa summed up our feelings best in one short tweet: