Dem Officials Create Lengthy List of Why Biden Will Lose

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RozenskiP /

For all the shade and lawfare that the political left has thrown at former president and 2024 GOP contender Donald Trump, you’d think he’d be admitting defeat and would have done it a long time ago. Most would.

And yet, as he continues to prove, he is only gaining in popularity throughout the nation. So much so, in fact, that the numerous leading Democratic officials are officially worried.

As you know, the Biden re-election campaign continues to publicly display confidence, not only in the job Biden is doing from the Oval Office but in the idea that America likes the current state of affairs.

However, lying just under the surface is a whole party of people in full “freakout” mode, as Politico reported on Tuesday.

Of course, the worry isn’t only that the Democratic Party may lose. They are also of the mind that Trump is so dangerous that, if he wins, it will be democracy that loses.

Naturally, most of their worry comes from the fact that Biden has near-abysmal polling numbers. As one official close to the White House told the outlet, it’s “creating the freakout.” Of course, you wouldn’t have heard much about all that.

After all, no one wants to admit that Trump is winning. No one wants to admit the party put all their eggs into a losing basket. “Nobody wants to be that guy.” No one wants to admit defeat.

Yet, defeat is exactly what seems inevitable at this point.

In fact, as one Democratic adviser says, there are nearly two dozen reasons why Biden will likely lose in November. You know, things like immigration, inflation, Vice President Kamala Harris’ unpopularity, Biden’s age, etc.

In contrast, there are so few reasons why he might win that they aren’t even worth keeping track of.

Meanwhile, Trump is looking more beloved by the minute. In fact, history has rarely shown a Republican candidate so popular, at least not in the last 20 years. Even tried and true Democratic holdouts are leaning toward Trump these days.