No, Biden, Copper Doesn’t Grow on Trees

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By now, you are likely all too aware of the Biden administration and liberal left’s push to get us to ‘go green’ and transfer to electric everything. There’s just one problem (well, several, actually, but one thing at a time): It’s not feasible to create that many EVs.

According to a study recently published by the International Energy Forum, there is enough copper on Earth to produce the number of EVs the left wants our society to contain. And as we all know, it’s not like copper is something that we can just grow more of.

Some of the study’s authors, Adam C. Simon from the University of Michigan and Lawrence M. Cathles from Cornell University, state that even if our society doesn’t increase our need for copper, “business as usual trends” will demand that we mine at least 115 percent more copper in the next 30 years than has ever been mined in history.

And should we choose to follow the left’s advice and “electrify the global vehicle fleet” the world would need to create at least 55 percent more new copper mines.

Now, I’m no expert on mining. But I do know that, and the study confirms this: copper mining requires what is called “open pit mining,” which is by far one the most planet-destroying ways to mine in existence.

For starters, it requires tons of massive machinery, most of which are fossil fuel based, to dig massive and expansive holes in the Earth, disrupting wildlife and whole ecosystems for miles and miles around.

In contrast, the study notes that “hybrid electric vehicle manufacturing would require negligible extra copper mining.”

This is because combustible engine cars need far less copper than EVs. As Simon told Engineering and Technology, “A normal Honda Accord needs about 40 pounds of copper. The same battery electric Honda Accord needs almost 200 pounds of copper.”

In conclusion, “the amount of copper needed is essentially impossible for mining companies to produce” should we switch to only EVs.

Of course, the political left won’t want to hear that. In fact, they are probably already plugging their ears. But facts, unlike the Democratic Party of today, don’t lie.