Gavin Newsom Celebrates Economy and Immediately Gets Fact-Checked

By now, you’d expect liberal leaders like California’s Gavin Newsom would have learned they need to be more in touch with their constituents. You’d also think they wouldn’t brag on social media, either.
Apparently, neither has happened.

On Tuesday, Newsom went to social media to brag about a recent report stating that his state has the most Fortune 500 companies in the US.

He wrote, “For the first time since 2014, the Golden State beat out Texas and New York to become home to the most Fortune 500 companies, with an impressive 57 companies within its borders.” The governor went on to note that both of the other states mentioned are tied at 52 companies.

Now, to be sure, that’s good news for the state.

However, as several other social media users pointed out, it’s pretty much expected at this point. Besides, it’s not much of a success considering all the other failures the state has…

For example, one user hinted that this would only make the rich richer and the middle class poorer. “Welcome to sunny, socialist California!!”

Another noted that California, as the United States’ most populous state (and by a lot), should have the most Fortune 500 companies. So, there’s no reason to brag.

Even more made a point to call out that it would likely have far more if it could handle itself better. But thanks to rising crime, higher-than-ever taxes, out-of-control homelessness, and sanctuary cities, several Fortune 500s have left the state in recent years, most of which have gone to Texas.

Of course, quite a few also brought up the fact that the once-Golden State is a whopping $1.6 trillion in debt, not exactly a sign of a good economy.

So once again, Newsom has made a post that, undoubtedly was supposed to generate praise and a pat on the back. But it only did the opposite. I don’t know why he even continues to try anymore…