Democrat Blasts Trump Fraud Case: Should Have Never Been Brought

Hans Pennink /
Hans Pennink /

In a surprise move, Andrew Cuomo, the former governor of New York, said that Attorney General Letitia James should not have pursued the civil fraud case against former President Donald Trump. During an appearance on HBO’s “Real Time With Bill Maher: Overtime,” Cuomo shared his perspective with host Bill Maher, asserting that the case was unjustly motivated by Trump’s identity and political aspirations.

Cuomo emphasized that the lawsuit was influenced more by Trump’s notoriety and political activities rather than the case’s legal merits. Cuomo expressed that the Attorney General’s case in New York should never have been initiated. He asserted that the case would not have been pursued if the person involved had not been Donald Trump and was not running for president. As a former AG in New York, he emphasized that this situation is what people find offensive.

The case in question saw New York Judge Arthur Engoron ordering Trump to pay a fine of $354 million in February following a September 2023 ruling that found Trump liable for fraud. Attorney General Letitia James initiated the lawsuit in September 2022, accusing Trump of inflating the value of his real estate assets to secure loans. James had previously pledged to investigate Trump during her 2018 campaign, where she referred to him as an “illegitimate president.”

The New York State Commission on Judicial Conduct is investigating an alleged conversation between real estate attorney Adam Leitman Bailey and Judge Engoron. In this purported conversation, Engoron emphasized the significance of ensuring that the case was handled correctly. This investigation introduces additional intricacies into an already heated legal battle.

During the show, Maher also criticized another legal case involving Trump, specifically the 34-count indictment by Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg. Trump was found guilty on all counts on May 30th.

Maher voiced his disapproval of the hush money trial, suggesting that it was always destined to be perceived as a scandalous sex case, overshadowing the legal issues at its core. “I was always with you on the one in New York, the hush money trial,” Maher told Cuomo. Maher added that the case should not have been brought forward, as it would inevitably be perceived as a sex case by the public.