Flyers Distributed in Mexico Urge Illegal Aliens to Vote for Joe Biden

chrisdorney /
A non-governmental organization (NGO) with ties to George Soros appears to be distributing flyers in Mexico that encourage invaders to cast illegal ballots for Joe Biden in the 2024 election. None of this should be surprising to anyone who’s been paying attention. The whole point of Biden’s invasion is to replace American voters with more […]

Guess Who’s Paying for Biden’s $300 Million Sanctuary City Giveaway?

Andrii Yalanskyi /
Under the Biden administration, the floodgates have opened, and not in a good way. The country has seen a surge of illegal immigrants crossing the border, which, surprise, surprise, isn’t just a lively cultural exchange. No, it’s brought along some hefty economic and social hurdles. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is feeling generous, doling […]

Wife of DOD Official Caught Having Relations With a Minor

15Studio /
It seems like every day, another teacher is caught having inappropriate relations with a teacher. In years past, these assailants have been largely male; however, as of late, women have been grabbing these headlines more often. 45-year-old Nebraska substitute teacher Erin Ward is now facing charges after being found nude in the back of her […]

Abortions: A State or Federal Decision?

LightField Studios /
Everyone has an opinion on abortion, and the government is going crazy to determine who can and cannot get one. The thing is, should the issue reside on a state or federal level? Share your thoughts now: Can’t see the poll? Click HERE.

Hypocrisy Unveiled: Dems Blast Trump, But Look Who’s Paying Biden’s Legal Bills

FHPhoto /
We can officially change the Democratic National Committee’s name to Biden’s Bill Bailout Squad. It turns out they’ve been funneling funds to cover Joe’s legal tab amid special counsel Robert Hur’s probe into his classified materials fiasco. Yes, folks, the DNC’s latest gig is part legal defense fund and part political supporter. Who knew? Axios […]

Liberal Texan Rep Thinks Blacks Should Be Exempt From Taxes in Reparations

Freshman Rep. Jasmine Crockett (D-TX) wanted to make a splash during her first term in office, and her recent appearance on “The Black Lawyers Podcast” showed just that. Telling host Jehan “J” Carter about her idea, she claimed to have her a celebrity (whose name she forgot) had suggested black people stop paying taxes for […]

Joe Biden Tells the Most Brazen Lies You’ll Ever Hear about the 2nd Amendment

Consolidated News Photos /
Joe Biden has absolutely no positive accomplishments that he can run on in 2024. The only thing that he has to fall back on is the same empty scare tactics that Democrats always use to try to turn out their base. That means we’ll be hearing a lot of squawking about abortion and gun confiscation […]

Since Selfies Cause More Deaths Than Shark Attacks Now, It’s Time to Head to the Beach

DavideAngelini /
Being afraid of a shark attack is fairly common, preventing thousands each year from traveling to beach destinations. However, the reality of being attacked by a shark is now five times less dying by selfie. Yes, you read that correctly. Selfies officially cause more deaths each year than five years of shark attacks combined. This […]

Shocking Claims: How USDA’s Aid Policy Is Allegedly Discriminating Against White Farmers

Kitreel /
In an episode that could easily be mistaken for a plotline in a satirical comedy about America’s legal and agricultural drama, a group of White farmers in Texas has decided that the United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) attempt to sprinkle a little diversity and equity on its disaster and pandemic aid is a step […]

Warning Signs: China’s AI Election Meddling Serves as a Harbinger for US Elections in 2024

BeeBright /
The revelations of China’s extensive disinformation campaign during Taiwan’s recent national elections serve as a compelling harbinger for the potential challenges awaiting the United States in its own electoral process in November. According to Taiwanese officials and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) briefing reporters at the National Press Club, Chinese actors allegedly employed various tactics, including the […]

Victory for Fair Play: NAIA Bans Trans-Identifying Men from Women’s Sports!

Master1305 /
In a bold move that signals a growing backlash against the intrusion of biological males in women’s sports, the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) has declared that only those assigned female at birth can compete in the female division of its member colleges’ athletic programs. The decision passed with a unanimous 20-0 vote by […]

State of Confusion: Trump’s Abortion Agenda Leaves America Divided

Bits And Splits /
Former President Donald Trump sparked a heated national conversation about abortion laws on April 8 when he voiced his belief that states, not Congress, should decide the legality of the procedure. In a video message on his Truth Social account, Trump emphasized the need for states to have a say in such crucial matters. “Now […]

As Bidenomics Fails Gen Z, They Turn to Donald Trump to Fix America

Both Generation Z and millennials are abandoning the Democrat Party after Joe Biden spent the last three years deliberately destroying the American economy. “Bidenomics” has failed the younger generations in ways no one anticipated. Most of us expected things to get worse with the unelected Biden regime in charge, but this? A majority of people […]

Rescue Crews Miserable from Plucking Dead Bodies out of the Rio Grande River

Vic Hinterlang /
One of the hidden costs of Joe Biden’s refusal to enforce America’s immigration laws is the extreme psychological toll that it is taking on first responders. In Eagle Pass, TX, fire and rescue crews are plucking the dead bodies of men, women, and children out of the Rio Grande River every single day. Residents say […]

Swing State Votes to Ban Mark Zuckerberg from Election Interference

Frederic Legrand - COMEO /
Thanks to recent elections, voters have become more and more concerned with election integrity. In fact, in Wisconsin, voters just passed two bills, making it harder for outside sources such as Mark Zuckerberg to interfere in state elections. As The New York Times reported, the measures were passed during Tuesday’s primary elections in the state. […]

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