Michael Moore is Back and as Stupid as Ever, Claims Outside Agitators Had No Part in Campus Protests 

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Michael Moore is no stranger to outrageously progressive viewpoints that are frequently exaggerated and, frankly, stupid. He is the brain behind numerous conservative bashing documentaries, including gems like Bowling for Columbine, where he uses a tragedy to argue for gun control, and Fahrenheit 9/11, a rebuke of then-President George Bush and his response to the September 11 terrorist attacks. 

Moore has historically been an influential figure amongst progressives. During the making of Bowling for Columbine, Moore successfully pressured Kmart, the almost defunct Walmart competitor, to stop selling handgun ammunition by simply asking them to do so. 

But Moore has fallen out of favor and is frequently noted saying things that are, again, frankly stupid. 

In his latest tone-deaf remarks, Moore criticized New York City Mayor Eric Adams for saying there were outside influencers at the pro-Palestinian protests on college campuses. 

Adams recently said he learned a valuable lesson during the Black Lives Matter protests that shattered his city. During the summer of 2020, he noted that anarchists came into the city with the “determination of really disrupting” and tearing the city down. Adams said that he had reason to believe it was happening again. 

But Moore, in his infinite wisdom, said that Adams’ claim was a “joke.” “There’s no such thing as an outside agitator because these schools live in the communities. They exist in the communities. They participate in the communities,” Moore said. 

As usual, Moore is missing a piece of the puzzle. Outside agitators at college protests are not “from the communities” the universities serve. And you don’t need to be physically present to be an “agitator.” 

Left-leaning organizations are providing the guidance and funding for these seemingly “spontaneous” college protests. The Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP), for instance, is an organization openly identifying as anti-Zionist and advocating for Palestinian rights. It receives backing from the Tides Foundation, supported by Democratic donor George Soros, and was previously funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. 

David Rockefeller Jr., affiliated with the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, has directly funded JVP. At the same time, Susan and Nick Pritzker, supporters of Biden and various Democratic campaigns, have backed multiple groups involved in pro-Palestinian protests.  

The Tides Foundation also supports IfNotNow, another organization actively engaged in the protests. 

Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) is a student-led group championing Palestinian rights, notably active in orchestrating protests on college campuses. SJP chapters across various universities have been pivotal in these demonstrations. The Palestinian Youth Movement (PYM), a global network of young Palestinians striving for justice and liberation, shares intertwined objectives with these protests, and the American Muslims for Palestine (AMP) focuses on educating the public about Palestine and advocating for Palestinian rights, also contributing to pro-Palestine activism on college campuses. 

In all, a complex network of dozens of outside supporters has emerged, involving American philanthropic organizations with left-leaning ideologies and collaboration with at least one foreign organization banned by Germany and Israel for suspected ties to Hamas.  

And they are effectively running the show. Nerdeen Kiswani, the founder of “Within Our Lifetime,” boasted about the movement’s ability to mobilize thousands of protesters in New York City using only social media posts. 

Sharp-eyed social media users noted that the tents protestors use for their encampments are identical or similar. Adams said, “Is there a fire sale on those tents?” adding that they are proof of outside organization. 

Moore not only denies any outside influence in college protests, but he also calls for more protests. “If you haven’t started an encampment at your college, do it!” he pleaded. He also advised students to “take over more buildings,” claiming the action isn’t “violence” but a “necessary action.” He praised students for their activities, which Adams has pointed out have turned violent. 

Adams remarked that people who peacefully protest don’t throw chairs and bottles, adding the violent turn of the protests is further proof of outside influences on campuses nationwide. 

But Moore remains blissfully unaware of these facts, wrapping himself in his cloak of righteous progressive indignation. He condemns President Joe Biden, who recently threatened to withhold arms from Israel after his impassioned speech supporting the Jewish people, and said he had no “clue in his head” about the “damage he’s done by arming Israel.” 

The only one without a clue in his head, in this case, is Michael Moore. He would be best served by crawling back into his hole and staying there.  

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