Trump Rakes in Massive Profit on Truth Social After Assassination Attempt

Jonah Elkowitz /
Shares of Donald Trump’s Truth Social platform skyrocketed on Monday, following the Biden administration’s failed attempt to assassinate him at a campaign rally in Butler, PA on Saturday. The price of shares jumped 30% to close at $40. Analysts believe the stock purchases represent a proxy form of sentiment for President Trump. Since Trump has […]

Bird Flu Outbreak Hits Northeastern Colorado Farm; Workers Infected

StanislavSukhin /
In yet another alarming development, an avian influenza outbreak has struck a northeastern Colorado farm, infecting multiple individuals who worked closely with contaminated fowl. According to reports released yesterday by local authorities, as many as five instances of infection amongst employees involved in culled poultry handling procedures have come forth thus far. This particular incident […]

Climate Watch: Heat Waves Were Actually Longer Before 1960

Piyaset /
It’s summertime, and it is hot outside. You may have noticed. If you’ve turned on the “news,” you’ve probably heard that this staggering heatwave is a record-breaking phenomenon due to global warming, and we’re all going to die from heat unless we switch to a system of communism that puts the UN in charge of […]

Kentucky Fried Chicken in Canada Conquered by Islam

Patcharaporn Puttipon4289 /
Many Canadians in Ontario are outraged after Kentucky Fried Chicken has agreed to ban bacon and serve on Halal chicken going forward. The move to appease a vocal and obnoxious minority has left Canadians feeling as if their culture is being stolen out from under them by the globalists—and they’re right. KFC sent out a […]

Crime Plummets in Sweden When Refugees Go on Summer Vacation

FTiare /
Those who have been paying attention long before Joe Biden threw America’s borders wide open realize that the UN’s Office of Refugee Resettlement is a giant scam. This has been evident for years in Europe. EU countries have been flooded with millions of people from the Third World, who all claim they are refugees. In […]

History Rewritten: 1,500-Year-Old Depiction of Moses and Ten Commandments Found

Adam Jan Figel /
Archaeologists in Austria have unearthed a relic that will make even the most skeptical history buff raise an eyebrow: a 1,500-year-old artifact believed to depict Moses receiving the Ten Commandments and the Ascension of Jesus Christ. Talk about an ancient treasure hunt with a jackpot at the end! During a dig at the summit of […]

Illegal Aliens Using Translator Apps to Rob Americans

metamorworks /
Joe Biden’s illegal aliens are so enterprising! You would think that not being able to speak English would be an impediment to the invaders trying to carry out their favorite pastimes from their home countries, but that’s not true. Thanks to the miracle of modern technology, and all the Democrat-run cities that are giving “free” […]

Hunter Biden’s Promotion: Now Deciding Who Sees President Biden

Tennessee Whitey /
Well, well, well, what do we have here? Hunter Biden, the president’s son and convicted felon, now holds the keys to the Oval Office. It’s like watching a bad reality TV show where the least qualified person runs it. After his disastrous debate against Trump, President Biden’s family seems to be in a desperate scramble […]

Hyper-aggressive or Hyper-Incompetent? Jack Smith’s Legal Blunders Unveiled

Heidi Besen /
Oh, Jack Smith, you’re not having a good week, are you? The Supreme Court just handed you a double whammy, which couldn’t have come at a worse time. Recently, they ruled that presidents enjoy limited immunity for official actions, and by Friday, they sided with a Jan. 6 defendant. Both decisions throw a wrench in […]

15 Biden Cabinet Secretaries Ignore Subpoenas as Steve Bannon Goes to Jail for the Same Thing

lev radin /
Trump supporter and podcaster Steve Bannon reported to a federal prison in Connecticut on July 1 to begin a four-month prison sentence. His crime? Bannon ignored a congressional subpoena from a committee that the House of Representatives says wasn’t even legitimate. Meanwhile, all of Joe Biden’s cabinet secretaries are walking around free despite ignoring subpoenas […]

WATCH: Maybe the Feds Should Stop Dipping Into Social Security
Social Security might be around a lot longer if the federal government would stop raiding it. There’s actually a better solution for them to employ. Watch now:

Tractor Supply Backs Off Woke LGBT Agenda After $2 Billion Stock Loss

Alexanderstock23 /
About a month ago, filmmaker and journalist Robbie Starbuck discovered that one of the largest rural supply chains in the country had gone completely woke. Tractor Supply had hired a bunch of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) employees. The company was sponsoring homosexual “pride” events and fake global warming nonsense. Starbuck launched a boycott on […]

Gross: Illegal Aliens Aren’t the Only Thing Mexico is Dumping in America

F Armstrong Photography /
Joe Biden’s 20 million illegal aliens aren’t the only unwanted thing creeping into America right now. The city of Tijuana has started dumping its untreated sewage into the Tijuana River once again, which flows directly into the United States. As a result, every Southern California beach between San Diego and Oceanside—about a 40-mile stretch of […]

SCOTUS: No More Tent Takeovers—Cities Can Enforce Order!

Matt Gush /
In a decision that will ruffle some feathers, the Supreme Court has greenlit cities’ rights to enforce bans on public camping, overturning a previous ruling that had tied the hands of municipalities within the 9th Circuit. This move comes as a ray of hope for communities grappling with the escalating challenge of homelessness. The 6-3 […]

Are You Prepping for War? Famine?

Skylines /
Preppers are becoming more and more popular. Have you taken the necessary steps to prepare for an emergency/war? Take a quick poll now: Can’t see the poll? Click HERE.

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