Maine Progressives Encourage Fentanyl Use By Supplying Taxpayer-Funded “Boofing Kits” 

angellodeco /
A taxpayer-funded nonprofit in Maine called Maine Access Points (MAP), along with Portland’s needle distribution center, is providing guides and kits for “boofing,” a method where drug users inject substances into their rectums.  “Boofing” is a slang term that refers to the act of ingesting drugs rectally. It’s not a medically recommended method and can […]

Israel Dispute Pits Progressive Squad Members Against Establishment in Democratic Race

Paul Froggatt /
Representative Jamaal Bowman’s stance on Israel has made him a prime target in his primary race, which has escalated into a significant conflict within the Democratic Party. The House primary between Representative Jamaal Bowman, a prominent left-wing Democrat, and George Latimer, a more moderate challenger, was expected to highlight the party’s divisions over the Israel-Hamas […]

Canadian Government Thinks Civil War the Most Likely 2024 Outcome in the US

suns07butterfly /
The Canadian government is bracing itself for the possibility of a civil war breaking out in America following the 2024 election. Do they know something we don’t? A think tank called Policy Horizon Canada questioned hundreds of experts and government officials to learn what they think is the most imminent threat to the nation. The […]

Jennifer Murphy Named in Trump Apprentice “Tell-All” Book 

Joe Seer /
It’s easy to forget that before former President Donald Trump’s 2015 escalator ride into the national spotlight, he was the host of the hit reality show The Apprentice.  The Apprentice aired for fifteen seasons on NBC from 2004 to 2017, with Trump hosting the first fourteen seasons. Created by British producer Mark Burnett and co-produced […]

FEMA’s Out of Cash Because of THIS Spending Spree

danielfela /
Hurricane season is just around the corner. And yet, FEMA has announced that they’re already out of cash. Why? Watch now:

Atlanta Speed Cameras Improperly Issued up to $500K Worth of Tickets

Sampajano_Anizza /
Thousands of motorists in Atlanta were improperly given speeding tickets when public schools forgot to turn off nearbyspeeding cameras after school hours. The problem has been happening since last November. An estimated 4,500 people were given tickets totaling up to $500,000, even though they weren’t speeding in a school zone. Atlanta has a system set […]

Benghazi Betrayal: Republican Frontrunner Accused of Shielding Clinton

a katz /
Businessman Sandy Pensler is leveling accusations against former Rep. Mike Rogers, his rival in the Republican primary for Michigan’s vacant Senate seat. Pensler is alleging that Rogers shielded former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton during the House’s inquiry into the Benghazi attack. The Pensler campaign aired an advertisement on Monday asserting that Rogers, who led […]

How to Avoid ‘Spaving’ – A Biden-Era Scheme

Vladyslav Starozhylov /
Are you really saving money, or are you wasting more of it? That’s the question this article should make you ask yourself. Because, for a growing number of Americans, it’s, unfortunately, the latter. At some point or another, we’ve all fallen prey to “spaving,” you know, that idea that you’re saving money by spending more. […]

Biden’s D-Day Appearance Was a Train Wreck from Start to Finish

Tom Stiglich /
Joe Biden’s campaign decided to send him to Normandy for the 80th anniversary of D-Day. For most politicians, this would have been a slam-dunk opportunity. But for Joe Biden, who clearly has one foot in the grave, it was a disaster from start to finish. He enraged thousands of families from America and Australia just […]

33-Foot-Tall Trump Chicken Proves Inflation Is Not A Concern for Democrats

As Donald Trump met with supporters for a rally in San Fransisco, he was greeted by the Trump Chicken balloon, a 33-foot-tall inflatable rooster with a golden comb-over and sporting a black and white prison jumpsuit. The Trump chicken sailed briefly around the Bay’s Pier 39 before setting sail for the Golden Gate Bridge, circling […]

Throw Dr. Fauci in Jail?

David A Litman /
COVID may have been a terrifying pandemic, but we expected Dr. Fauci to guide us through it using science. Now, it’s come forward that he’s been receiving payments from Big Pharma and that half of what he told us was made up. Should he go to prison over it all? Take a quick poll now: […]

Hunter Biden Gets a Reality Check from ‘Sugar Brother’s’ Daughter

Domenico Fornas /
In the latest drama surrounding the Biden family, it seems the spotlight has shifted to Hunter Biden’s “sugar brother,” the Hollywood lawyer Kevin Morris. Reports from the New York Post suggest that Morris supports President Joe Biden’s troubled son; his family members are crying foul, urging him to step away from the mess. The saga […]

Joe Biden Defiantly Claims He Didn’t Contribute To Record Illegal Immigration While Overseeing Historic Levels At US-Mexico Border

OogImages /
While President Joe Biden defends his administration’s approach to immigration, records continue to be broken at the United States-Mexico border. In an exclusive interview with Time Magazine, Biden denied responsibility for the surge in illegal migration despite having rolled back numerous policies implemented during the previous presidency. According to data from federal authorities, Biden will […]

Alex Jones Sleeps in Studio to Fend Off Ambush Seizure of Infowars

Vic Hinterlang /
The Chief Restructuring Officer handling the Infowars bankruptcy has apparently gone rogue and is trying to seize the radio studio from host Alex Jones without a court order. The dramatic situation developed over the weekend, and Jones is reportedly sleeping in the studio to prevent the CRO from padlocking the doors and seizing the property. […]

BREAKING NEWS: In An Effort To Outdo Each Other, Retail Giants Start Price War With Depressingly Small Discounts

In recent years, the sting of inflation has been all too real, with the cost of essentials like gasoline and groceries climbing sharply. This week, Walgreens joined a growing list of major retailers that are slashing prices in an effort to attract customers who have been tightening their belts. Despite these efforts, Neil Saunders, GlobalData’s […]

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