pogonici /

BREAKING: Two Major Banks Ditch Woke Investing

Two prominent asset management firms, JPMorgan Chase's investment division and State Street Global Advisors, have decided to withdraw from the Climate Action 100+ initiative....
Gary Varvel /

Biden Really is the Grinch of Christmas

In case you were trying to give the Biden administration the benefit of the doubt, don't. Joe Biden is the Grinch who is trying...
Fred Duval /

Can’t Blame COVID or Ukraine: Biden Shifts Blame to Retailers 

The problem with refusing to take ownership of a failure is that you eventually run out of things or people to blame. President Joe...
Andrey_Popov /

Plan for Retirement Like a Shark Inside This Uncertain Market

Ending September with a visit to ABC News, Shark Tank megastar and multimillionaire investor Kevin O’Leary took questions from the audience. While they may...
Dusan Petkovic /

Whoopsie: New Study Destroys Biden’s Claims That Climate Change Initiatives Benefit Blue Collar Workers 

A new study destroys President Joe Biden’s claims that his administration’s massive climate agenda will benefit the working class, especially in states that have...
Alexandros Michailidis /

Netanyahu Announces Major West Bank Move Defying Biden

As you well know, Israel has been one of America’s longest and most faithful allies. And yet, for whatever reason, the Biden administration sees...

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