KUMOHD / shutterstock.com
Freshman Rep. Jasmine Crockett (D-TX) wanted to make a splash during her first term in office, and her recent appearance on “The Bla ...Read More

Liberal Texan Rep Thinks Blacks Should Be Exempt From Taxes in Reparations

Consolidated News Photos / shutterstock.com
Joe Biden has absolutely no positive accomplishments that he can run on in 2024. The only thing that he has to fall back on is the s ...Read More

Joe Biden Tells the Most Brazen Lies You’ll Ever Hear about the 2nd Amendment

DavideAngelini / shutterstock.com
Being afraid of a shark attack is fairly common, preventing thousands each year from traveling to beach destinations. However, the r ...Read More

Since Selfies Cause More Deaths Than Shark Attacks Now, It’s Time to Head to the Beach

Kitreel / shutterstock.com
In an episode that could easily be mistaken for a plotline in a satirical comedy about America’s legal and agricultural drama, a gro ...Read More

Shocking Claims: How USDA’s Aid Policy Is Allegedly Discriminating Against White Farmers

BeeBright / shutterstock.com
The revelations of China’s extensive disinformation campaign during Taiwan’s recent national elections serve as a compelling harbing ...Read More

Warning Signs: China’s AI Election Meddling Serves as a Harbinger for US Elections in 2024

Master1305 / shutterstock.com
In a bold move that signals a growing backlash against the intrusion of biological males in women’s sports, the National Association ...Read More

Victory for Fair Play: NAIA Bans Trans-Identifying Men from Women’s Sports!

Just In...

Gary Varvel / Creators.com
When the news broke that OJ Simpson had died, it was much like when he and Al Cowlings took the white Bronco down the LA freeway- ev ...Read More

CNN Reporter Reflects on People Being Happy When OJ Was Acquitted

lev radin / shutterstock.com
The liberals have been coming after Donald Trump for a LOT, and he’s on trial in quite a few states. Is he guilty or innocent? Share ...Read More

Trump: Guilty or Innocent of the Various Accusations?

Mehaniq / shutterstock.com
Why is the IRS suddenly hiring tax enforcers with guns? Get the full story:  

WATCH: The IRS is Suddenly Armed and Ready to Deal with Taxes

muratart / shutterstock.com
When “once in a lifetime” occurrences like the Hale-Bopp Comet come around, people tend to do atypical things. For many, it’s someth ...Read More

Georgia Woman Goes on Mission From God With a Gun

Kanisorn Pringthongfoo / shutterstock.com
Mohammad Jamshidi, Iran’s deputy chief of staff for political affairs, issued a tweet on behalf of Iran that even President Biden sh ...Read More

Iran Spells It Out for Biden; Interfere With Their Plans for Israel at America’s Own Risk

withGod / shutterstock.com
A new report from Bloomberg cites insiders with Apple as saying that the company is now shifting focus following the news that Apple ...Read More

After Apple Car Crashes They Want To Try Home Automation and Robotics


Pro-Life Dem Gets Revenge on His Party by Gutting Their Power

It’s not hard to see these days that the Democratic Party of today is nothing like it used to be. And for lifelong Democrat and Nebraska Senator Mike McDonnell, that’s precisely why he can...

TB Found in Chicago Migrant Shelters

As you know, constant immigrant surges don’t just threaten our jobs and economy. They also threaten our very lives. In Chicago, that threat comes in the form of tuberculosis or TB. On Wednesday, health...

Fox News Obliterates All Late Night Opponents with Latest Announcement

Thanks to streaming apps, TV ratings aren’t at all what they used to be,...

Sacramento Becomes a “Transgender” Sanctuary City

By now, we've all heard the term "sanctuary city." Usually, it refers to illegal...

Leftist School is So Great Private Security is Being Hired by Parents

It doesn't take all that long to look around and figure out that leftist...

America’s Created a Shortage of Plumbers

Most of you have probably noticed a rather dangerous trend in America. Colleges aren’t...

Maryland Town Suspends Entire Police Force

If you travel to the small northeastern town of Ridgely, Maryland, you'll likely find...

Liberal Paradise Closed to Camping Due to Visitors Leaving Too Much Waste

You’d think a place run by the party that claims we need to take...

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NOAA Climate Gauge Devices Tampered with? Two Have Already Been Arrested

Insurance fraud has been a thing since, well, insurance has been around. But a recent case shows just how easy it might be for someone to fraudulently tamper with climate change results. According to...

Tate Brothers Now Being Targeted in the UK

At the request of a British arrest warrant brothers Andrew and Tristan Tate were detained on a 24-hour hold for questioning concerning accusations of sexual aggression. This case occurred in the UK between 2012...

Kate Middleton’s Photo Triggers Unsettling Conspiracy Theories

Amidst growing speculation surrounding the absence of the Princess of Wales from public duties...

French Government Agencies Get Hit By “Unprecedented” Cyberattacks

France has been hit by a mass cyberattack on several state bodies, with many...

Gold Star Father Taken Away in Cuffs for Calling Out Biden During SOTU

While there is a time and a place for everything, Steve Nikoui, the father...

Congress Restores School Shooting Sports in Humiliating Defeat for Biden

Joe Biden signed a bill called the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act in law last...

Insane Moment: Man Tries to Hijack Self-Driving Car

In a classic case of high-tech hijinks, a Los Angeles man found himself in...

New Fed Upgrade: Banks Are Now Spying on You – Think Twice Before Buying a Bible

Welcome to the latest chapter in the saga of "Government Gone Wild: Financial Edition,"...

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