Gross: Are Jill Biden and Kamala’s Sad Little Husband Having an Affair?

Rumors continue to swirl around the possibility that First Lady Jill Biden and Kamala Harris’s sad, pathetic little husband Doug Emhoff are carrying on a gross affair with each other. The latest incident involved...

Air Force Joining the Drag Queen Festivities With All Ages Show

Nellis Air Force Base is one of the most requested and simultaneously despised bases in the US Air Force. While its location just NE of downtown Las Vegas makes it a great place for...

Dem Flips Seat in Largest GOP-Controlled City

Just about everywhere, there is continued talk of growing Republican popularity. But one election,...

Media Isn’t Sharing THIS Detail About Jordan Neely’s Criminal Past

Yes, we have another George Floyd incident. And just like before, the liberal-backed media...

Seattle is Such a Dump That Mail Delivery Has Stopped for an Entire Zip Code

Cities that have been under one-party rule by the Democrats for decades have become...

Pay Transparency Laws Give Job Seekers False Hope

When New York and California announced that they were requiring employers to be transparent...

Liberals Usw Climate Change to Justify Changing America’s Power Grid

The Democratic Party and the liberal supporters use whatever means they can find to...

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