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Here we go again—another legal circus act. A Florida man charged with unlawfully “parading” during the Jan. 6 Capitol riot is now as ...Read More

Supreme Court to Hear Jan. 6 Rioter’s Plea: Will Over 400 Defendants Get a Pass?

Alexandros Michailidis / shutterstock.com
Trump is getting a rare acknowledgment of his successful NATO strategy, widely condemned by his critics. In a recent interview, NATO ...Read More

NATO Secretary General Admits Trump’s Push for Allies to Pay Up Paid Off 

lev radin / shutterstock.com
Trump supporters may be doing a victory dance following Judge Juan Merchan’s decision to move sentencing back to September 18th from ...Read More

Have Devious Dems Devised Another “Get Trump” Scheme? 

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Dogs are called man’s best friend, but for a handful of politicians, they are anything but. RFK Jr. is the latest public figure to b ...Read More

Yet Another Candidate Going to the Dogs: Did RFK Jr. Eat a Pooch? 

MyLove4Art / shutterstock.com
If Democrats are so sure illegal immigrants don’t vote in elections, why are they so opposed to the SAVE Act? According to them, the ...Read More

SAVE Would Bolster Election Integrity, And Democrats Want No Part of It

Stasique / shutterstock.com
House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-KY) decided it would be a great idea to summon White House physician Kevin O’Conno ...Read More

Comer’s High-Stakes Interview Request: Goes After Biden’s Doctor

Just In...

Jonah Elkowitz / shutterstock.com
Shares of Donald Trump’s Truth Social platform skyrocketed on Monday, following the Biden administration’s failed attempt to assassi ...Read More

Trump Rakes in Massive Profit on Truth Social After Assassination Attempt

StanislavSukhin / shutterstock.com
In yet another alarming development, an avian influenza outbreak has struck a northeastern Colorado farm, infecting multiple individ ...Read More

Bird Flu Outbreak Hits Northeastern Colorado Farm; Workers Infected

Piyaset / shutterstock.com
It’s summertime, and it is hot outside. You may have noticed. If you’ve turned on the “news,” you’ve probably heard that this stagge ...Read More

Climate Watch: Heat Waves Were Actually Longer Before 1960

Patcharaporn Puttipon4289 / shutterstock.com
Many Canadians in Ontario are outraged after Kentucky Fried Chicken has agreed to ban bacon and serve on Halal chicken going forward ...Read More

Kentucky Fried Chicken in Canada Conquered by Islam

FTiare / shutterstock.com
Those who have been paying attention long before Joe Biden threw America’s borders wide open realize that the UN’s Office of Refugee ...Read More

Crime Plummets in Sweden When Refugees Go on Summer Vacation

Adam Jan Figel / shutterstock.com
Archaeologists in Austria have unearthed a relic that will make even the most skeptical history buff raise an eyebrow: a 1,500-year- ...Read More

History Rewritten: 1,500-Year-Old Depiction of Moses and Ten Commandments Found


What if the Polls Are Wrong? Polymarket Says So…

When it comes to guessing how elections will go, polling is always a good resource, although it's not always precise. Another source is by following the money… In this case, it means following whose name...

Of Course, Biden’s Border EO Doesn’t Actually Do Much

By now, we all know that Biden has created a massive mess with our immigration system and border security. Thanks to him, we have literal millions crossing illegally every week. Finally, he’s agreed to...

This is Why No One Trusts the Media…

As the 2024 general election draws closer, mainstream media is clearly trying to push...

No, Biden, Copper Doesn’t Grow on Trees

By now, you are likely all too aware of the Biden administration and liberal...

Dem Officials Create Lengthy List of Why Biden Will Lose

For all the shade and lawfare that the political left has thrown at former...

CNN Has to Tell Biden That Truth is Preferred to Lies

This far out from a presidential election, nothing is certain. However, it's never a...

Elon Musk Predicts Trump’s Polling Numbers

If you haven’t noticed, the attacks against former President Donald Trump just keep coming....

Creek is Granted “Rights,” Only to Be Reversed When Truth Comes Out

It has been the unfortunate experience of far too many that when outsiders come...

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Thug Gets ‘John Wick’ Treatment after Messing with the Wrong Girl

Unfortunately, in cities like Chicago, crime has grown out of control, with armed robberies now occurring in broad daylight in busy parks. However, that doesn’t mean everyone is willing to let themselves be the...

Number of Vacant NYC Storefronts Nearly Double Since Pandemic

If you haven't heard, living in New York City is getting harder and harder, especially if you're a business owner. In fact, data shows that a whopping 11.2 percent of all NYC storefronts are...

Major Changes Happening at Walmart Due to Continued Thefts

Over the past few years, American consumers have noticed a rather annoying trend at...

Biden Sues Gas Station Chain Same Day as Being Mocked for Shuffling Into It

When one party sues another, there is usually little of one having anything to...

Tesla Begins Massive Layoffs, Including Losing Two Top Executives

According to the political left, electric vehicles are our future, and as such, we...

Trump Handed Major Victory Over Letitia James

As you likely know, Trump has been fighting a legal with New York Attorney...

Recent Navy Photo is More Than Embarrassing – and Not Just for the Obvious Reasons

If you follow our armed forces on social media, you might have noticed a...

Poll Says One in Three Americans Would Illegally Vote…

If you are anything like me, you’d love to believe that people are inherently...

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