Matt Smith Photographer / shutterstock.com
President Biden’s campaign has launched a $50 million television ad blitz targeting Donald Trump’s 34-count felony business fraud co ...Read More

Biden Spends $50M to Brand Trump as a Convicted Criminal

Pamela Brick / shutterstock.com
The voting machines that were the center of controversy in the stolen 2020 election in America have just caused another electoral tr ...Read More

Dominion Voting Machines Derail Chaotic Puerto Rican Elections

KongNoi / shutterstock.com
It’s the latest devastating news for President Joe Biden. Americans do not want his continued immigration flood at the border, and a ...Read More

62% of Voters Favor Deporting Illegal Immigrants 

Militarist / shutterstock.com
An FBI employee finds himself with a lot of spare time after the agency revoked his security clearance for his conservative views. D ...Read More

FBI Under Fire for Revoking Security Clearance Based on Employee’s Pro-Trump, Second Amendment, Anti-Vax Views 

Gorodenkoff / shutterstock.com
You really have to hand it to the Democrat Party when they decide they have to fake the American people out for an election. They go ...Read More

Biden Says Crime is Down as Illegal Aliens Are Raping Family Pets to Death

noamgalai / shutterstock.com
It seems that Democrats have told the “Trump is dangerous to democracy” lie so often that they believe it themselves. Overly concern ...Read More

Dem Task Force Preemptively Hamstrings a Trump Presidency

Just In...

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Representative Jamaal Bowman’s stance on Israel has made him a prime target in his primary race, which has escalated into a signific ...Read More

Israel Dispute Pits Progressive Squad Members Against Establishment in Democratic Race

suns07butterfly / shutterstock.com
The Canadian government is bracing itself for the possibility of a civil war breaking out in America following the 2024 election. Do ...Read More

Canadian Government Thinks Civil War the Most Likely 2024 Outcome in the US

Joe Seer / shutterstock.com
It’s easy to forget that before former President Donald Trump’s 2015 escalator ride into the national spotlight, he was the host of ...Read More

Jennifer Murphy Named in Trump Apprentice “Tell-All” Book 

danielfela / shutterstock.com
Hurricane season is just around the corner. And yet, FEMA has announced that they’re already out of cash. Why? Watch now:

FEMA’s Out of Cash Because of THIS Spending Spree

Sampajano_Anizza / shutterstock.com
Thousands of motorists in Atlanta were improperly given speeding tickets when public schools forgot to turn off nearbyspeeding camer ...Read More

Atlanta Speed Cameras Improperly Issued up to $500K Worth of Tickets

a katz / shutterstock.com
Businessman Sandy Pensler is leveling accusations against former Rep. Mike Rogers, his rival in the Republican primary for Michigan’ ...Read More

Benghazi Betrayal: Republican Frontrunner Accused of Shielding Clinton


Of Course, Biden’s Border EO Doesn’t Actually Do Much

By now, we all know that Biden has created a massive mess with our immigration system and border security. Thanks to him, we have literal millions crossing illegally every week. Finally, he’s agreed to...

This is Why No One Trusts the Media…

As the 2024 general election draws closer, mainstream media is clearly trying to push the idea that you can trust them to report accurately. But the poll to supposedly prove that isn’t giving us...

No, Biden, Copper Doesn’t Grow on Trees

By now, you are likely all too aware of the Biden administration and liberal...

Dem Officials Create Lengthy List of Why Biden Will Lose

For all the shade and lawfare that the political left has thrown at former...

CNN Has to Tell Biden That Truth is Preferred to Lies

This far out from a presidential election, nothing is certain. However, it's never a...

Elon Musk Predicts Trump’s Polling Numbers

If you haven’t noticed, the attacks against former President Donald Trump just keep coming....

Creek is Granted “Rights,” Only to Be Reversed When Truth Comes Out

It has been the unfortunate experience of far too many that when outsiders come...

Biden’s Press Secretary Admits Trump Trial is Connected to 2024 Election

By now, it’s no secret that the political left is using legal means to...

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Number of Vacant NYC Storefronts Nearly Double Since Pandemic

If you haven't heard, living in New York City is getting harder and harder, especially if you're a business owner. In fact, data shows that a whopping 11.2 percent of all NYC storefronts are...

Major Changes Happening at Walmart Due to Continued Thefts

Over the past few years, American consumers have noticed a rather annoying trend at grocery stores nationwide. But now, thanks to increasing theft rates, that trend is starting to backpedal. Yes, I am most...

Biden Sues Gas Station Chain Same Day as Being Mocked for Shuffling Into It

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Tesla Begins Massive Layoffs, Including Losing Two Top Executives

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Trump Handed Major Victory Over Letitia James

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Recent Navy Photo is More Than Embarrassing – and Not Just for the Obvious Reasons

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Poll Says One in Three Americans Would Illegally Vote…

If you are anything like me, you’d love to believe that people are inherently...

Nearly 75% of Universities Receive a C or Worse Regarding Anti-Semitism

Higher education is supposed to expand knowledge and intellect, right? So why, then does...

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