Liberals Get Creative to Falsely Accuse Republicans of Wrongdoing

The Democrats are a party of desperate politicians. Their time in Washington is coming to an end, and they are actively searching for any opportunity they can to smear the name of any Republican. Madison...

Biden is “Rattled” by His Ever-Lowering Approval Rating and Pleads with Aides for a New Strategy

As you have probably figured out by talking to just about anyone, Democratic President...

Biden Administration Accused of Racism From Within…Black Staffers Are Quitting in Record Numbers

Liberal Democrats talk a big game. They’re all about inclusion. Everybody wins a trophy....

As Inflation Rises, Orders To Feed the US Supply Chain Feel the Squeeze

Try as hard as he might, Biden has been unsuccessful at getting people to...

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Hundreds of Migrants Got Away…in One Weekend

Each and every week, we hear about how there are hundreds of migrants showing up to the southern border. The Border Patrol agents can only do so much. They are limited in manpower and...

Michigan GOP Candidates Against Governor Whitmer Face Troubles (and Likely Fraud)

We already know that the Democrats are used to being a bit shady when...

Californians May Face Water Restrictions Across the State

Over the past two years, Californians have had to face a number of restrictions....

North Korea Too Weak To Launch Three More Ballistic Missiles Until After Biden Leaves

Not even 72 hours after President Biden departed from the Quad conferences and Indo-Pacific...

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