Biden’s Press Secretary Admits Trump Trial is Connected to 2024 Election

lev radin /
lev radin /

By now, it’s no secret that the political left is using legal means to either imprison former President Donald Trump or make him unelectable. And now, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre has admitted it.

Now, I doubt that’s what she intended to say. Nevertheless, she did and it’s clearly the truth.

The admission was made on Tuesday after being asked about Trump’s ongoing criminal ‘hush-money” trial in New York.

As a current event, Jean-Pierre should be allowed to talk about the case, especially since we’ve been told over and over by the political left that the case has nothing to do with the fact that it’s an election year or that Trump is the only real competition for incumbent President Joe Biden.

And yet, when asked about whether it was “appropriate for Speaker (Mike) Johnson to show up at the trial of the former president” or not, Jean-Pierre said she couldn’t talk about it, and I quote, “as obviously this is related to the 2024 elections.”

Yep, she said the ‘quiet part out loud,’ folks.

Per the words of Biden’s own press secretary, she cannot talk about the case because rather than it simply being a current event, it’s also an election issue. And as she knows firsthand, she isn’t allowed to talk about “political” things such as elections.

It’s part of the Hatch Act, which states that any member of the sitting government cannot use their post to influence voters.

Jean-Pierre has gotten in trouble for this before. Remember in November of 2022 when she referred to Biden’s opponents as “mega MAGA Republicans?” Well, this led to a whole series of accusations about her violating the Hatch Act. She’s lucky she managed to keep her job.

So now, she’s clearly a bit gun-shy about what she can and can’t talk about.

In her own words, “obviously,” Trump’s case is about the election, so she can’t talk about it.

The truth is out, y’all.