Thug Gets ‘John Wick’ Treatment after Messing with the Wrong Girl
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Unfortunately, in cities like Chicago, crime has grown out of control, with armed robberies now occurring in broad daylight in busy parks. However, that doesn’t mean everyone is willing to let themselves be the victim.

Take a University of Chicago student identified as Maddie, for example.

As WLS-TV reported, Maddie was walking home after class around 3 p.m. on Wednesday when an armed man tried to rob her. Maddie told police and the news outlet, “I was just walking home from class and I see a man in a mask approach me. And he kind of comes toward me, and I think to myself, ‘just keep walking,’ but then we have an altercation.”

Footage from nearby street cameras shows the man approaching Maddie, clearly pointing a gun at her and trying to take her phone from her hand. But rather than just let him have it, Maddie put up a fight. She even grabbed at his weapon.

While not able to take the gun from her attacker, she was able to unnerve him a smooth little trick that might be seen as a bit John Wick-esque.

“I’m able to get my hands on the gun, remove the magazine… and I toss it into the bush.”

Yes, you read that correctly. She had the bravery and mindfulness to know that if she couldn’t get the whole gun, she could at least minimize the risk a bit by tripping the mag release and removing the bulk of the gun’s ammo, as well as tossing it away from her attacker.

Now, the video shows her wrestling with the attacker for a little longer until he realizes what she’s done and immediately steps away from her to try and find the magazine, leaving her time to get away.

After acknowledging that he had failed in robbing Maddie and failed to find the tossed magazine, the would-be robber ran to a nearby getaway vehicle whose driver quickly sped off.

Now, even Maddie admits that her reaction might not have been the smartest one. Even without the magazine or a gun at all, the man could still have been a real danger to her. The weapon could have had a round in the chamber. He could have also used the gun to hit her or any other number of violent scenarios.

Thankfully, none of those things happened, and Maddie was left altogether unharmed, if not a little shaken up.

Of course, it’s unfortunate that this should happen in the first place. That a girl can’t even walk home from school without being accosted in broad daylight, or that bystanders don’t even attempt to come to her rescue.

But thanks to liberal soft-on-crime policies, things don’t look like they’ll be getting any easier for the Maddies of Chicago any time soon.