Biden Loses Third MQ-9 Reaper Drone to Desert-Dwelling Terrorists

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If you haven’t heard, there is a war of sorts waging in Yemen. And thanks to Biden’s lack of effort there, the US has now lost its third MQ-9 Reaper drone, costing the American taxpayer another $30 million.

According to CBS News, the drone crashed in Yemen on Friday after being attacked by Houthi rebel forces there. The Hamas-backed rebels have claimed responsibility for all three drone losses, which now amount to a whopping $90 million for the US.

Now, the Houthis have been a working problem since around November of 2023, when they began attacking shipping vessels in the Red Sea following the Hamas attack on Israel in October.

To be clear, the Houthis – heavily funded by Iran, as is Hamas – have not only been attacking Israeli ships but also those of her allies, which include the United States and nations such as the United Kingdom and France.

And yet, Biden and his administration have not seen fit to do much about it.

They have conducted a few airstrikes meant to weaken the Houthi attacks, and a few naval operations have been carried out.

However, at least one unidentified diplomat has admitted the goal is not “to defeat the Houthis” or invade Yemen. Instead, the “appetite is to degrade their ability to launch these kinds of attacks going forward, and that involves hitting infrastructure that enables these kinds of attacks and targeting their higher-level capabilities.”

But considering Houthi forces have now taken a third, and rather expensive, US drone, I’d say those efforts aren’t working all that well. Some might even say the US isn’t trying very hard.

And that, combined with Biden’s abysmal and embarrassing withdrawal from Afghanistan in 2021, only serves to encourage our enemies and weaken our national image.

Remember that these are also desert-dwelling rebels, not trained soldiers. And yet, they are still besting the US. That doesn’t exactly look good for anyone but Iran and its allies.