Poll Says One in Three Americans Would Illegally Vote…

Castleski / shutterstock.com
Castleski / shutterstock.com

If you are anything like me, you’d love to believe that people are inherently good and that America is still a good nation. However, a new poll would seem to prove otherwise. At the very least, it might give you reason to doubt…

According to a new Rasmussen poll sponsored by the Heartland Institute, “28% of all voters say they would engage in at least one kind of illegal voting practice in order to help their preferred candidate – either President Joe Biden or former President Donald Trump – win the 2024 election.”

In other words, nearly one-third of all American voters just admitted they would cheat to get their way politically.

Let’s just say that is not a good look for America as a whole, a nation that was built on Christian morals and voter “integrity.”
As I said, this may shock you if you are a bit like me. If you’re more of a critic and probably less naïve, you aren’t surprised by this in the least.

This is likely especially true if you heard of or know about another Heartland Institute poll conducted in 2023 in which more than one in five Americans surveyed actually admitted to voting illegally in the 2020 election.

As Heartland research editor Jack McPherrin said in a recent statement, “Now, a new Heartland/Rasmussen poll has found that voters intend to cheat in 2024 on an even greater scale than in 2020.”

Now, to be clear, the poll doesn’t exactly mean that one in three voters will cheat in 2024. Instead, it implies that nearly that many might be willing to, should the right circumstances present themselves. You know, like if they think they can get away with it if they are given an opportunity where it seems easy or makes sense, or if they actually believe their efforts to cheat the system will result in the outcome they want.

While this should undoubtedly be a bit disheartening, it doesn’t mean all hope is lost yet.

For starters, the 2024 election hasn’t yet happened. And that means there is time, albeit increasingly less by the minute, for us to work to ensure that voter fraud is harder and harder to achieve.

For some states, cities, counties, etc., that may mean putting things like voter ID requirements in place. For others, it may mean outlawing or at least restricting mail-in ballots, which opens a whole other door to illegal voting practices.

As McPherrin correctly states, “Without secure elections, we will collectively lose faith in our electoral system, and our republic will die with a whimper.”

Let this poll be a wake-up call for election officials everywhere to make our elections more secure and integrity-filled.