Maxine Waters Thinks Trump Supporters Are Actively Training to Take Over

Maxim [email protected]

It doesn’t take long to realize that the Democratic Party is in way over their heads in desperation over possibly losing to Donald Trump again. And Maxine Waters just gave us all the proof we need.

Now, to be clear, the Californian Representative and liberal Waters has never been what could be called a very reasonable voice for her party. But now, thanks to Biden’s abysmal popularity, her comments are getting way out of control and maybe a bit on the lunatic side.

Like most on her side of the aisle, Waters has an extreme fear of Trump making it back into the White House, where he has promised all sorts of things that she and her ilk won’t like. You know, practical and America first things like walling up the border, draining DC of its swamp, and securing more American jobs.

So naturally, she’s resorted to spouting off unhinged conspiracy theories to scare people away from voting for him.

The latest? Well, she claims Trump is once again inciting violence; this time, he’s got “right-wing organizations” “training up in the hills somewhere” and preparing for an “attack.”

And now, I am not kidding.

She said as much in a recent interview with MSNBC’s Jonathan Capehart on his Sunday morning show.

According to Mediaite, Capehart asked Waters about another unfounded rumor spreading around the left that somehow Trump would find a way to become a third-term president.

Capehart stated that Trump has said, “He would not seek to overturn or ignore the Constitution’s prohibition on a third term. Should the American people believe that? Do you believe that?”

Of course, being the crazy that she is, Waters does not.

“No! Absolutely not.” She continued, ranting about how no one should believe anything Trump says and that he’ll do whatever he “can possibly get away with.” She also added that she is going to “ask the Justice Department” to do whatever it can to “protect this country” from Trump and the violence that is to no doubt ensue should he lose.

But then things got even more ridiculous.

“I want to know about all those right-wing organizations that he’s connected with, who are training up in the hills somewhere and targeting… what communities they are going to attack.”

Folks, it doesn’t get more delusional than that, right?

I mean, “training up in the hills?” What in the world…

This is coming from the same woman who told her party to “get out, and you create a crowd, and you push back on them, and you tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere,” about GOP lawmakers seen in public. Talk about inciting violence…

But what choice does she have? It is either incite fear and lies or admit defeat, and as we know, Dems are never good at the latter.