Shocking Reports of Chinese Electric Cars Piling Up at EU Ports

Vladimir Tretyakov /

It appears that communist China might have made a massive misstep in its efforts to destroy Western automakers. Ports across the European Union are suddenly packed with a glut of cheap, Chinese-made electric vehicles that no one wants to buy. The pictures and videos on social media tell a grim tale of what China had hoped would be a deathblow to European carmakers.

We’ve known that this act of economic warfare was coming for a long time. China planned to build up a surplus of cheap electric vehicles using its slave labor force, and then dump them on Western markets all at once. China hoped that car buyers in Europe and America would rush to purchase their much cheaper EVs, thus crushing automakers over here.

By the way, this is the “dumping” strategy that President Trump always warned about when discussing China’s unfair trade practices.

What China did not anticipate is that most car buyers in Western nations are now onto the electric vehicle scam. As a result, there are miles and miles of dirt-cheap, Made-in-China-with-Slave-Labor EVs clogging up the ports in Europe.

The ports at Antwerp and Zeebrugge in Belgium are jam-packed with EVs that have no interested buyers. News outlet Quartz reports that this is causing chaos at ports across the EU, as they are being converted into “car parks.”

“Some Chinese brand EVs had been sitting in European ports for up to 18 months,” the outlet reported. Many of the unwanted EVs are sitting in ports until they’re sold to distributors or end users.

The problem—which China hilariously did not foresee—is that no one wants to distribute their cars, and no end users want to buy them despite the cheap sticker prices. It was a gamble that could turn around and result in the destruction of the Chinese auto industry—which is exactly the opposite of what China was hoping for.

Here’s just one example of what most of the ports look like in Europe right now:


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