Alex Jones Sleeps in Studio to Fend Off Ambush Seizure of Infowars

Vic Hinterlang /

The Chief Restructuring Officer handling the Infowars bankruptcy has apparently gone rogue and is trying to seize the radio studio from host Alex Jones without a court order. The dramatic situation developed over the weekend, and Jones is reportedly sleeping in the studio to prevent the CRO from padlocking the doors and seizing the property. Jones has received an outpouring of support from political figures on the right as the dramatic standoff continues.

Infowars ended up in bankruptcy restructuring after a long legal battle with ultra-leftwing elites. Jones asked legitimate questions on his popular radio show about the Sandy Hook school shooting in 2012, and the families of the victims sued him for libel. After a protracted court case, a liberal judge ordered Jones and Infowars to pay an astonishing $1.5 BILLION in damages to the families. As if Alex Jones had that much cash hidden in his sock drawer or something.

It was a shocking verdict not only for the amount but also because of the civil “crime” that he supposedly committed. He said words out loud. That was his crime. He asked questions about a public incident. In a country that is supposed to have freedom of speech and freedom of the press, it shouldn’t matter if a radio host’s questions hurt the feelings of some people. That’s why we protect speech in the first place.

The $1.5 billion judgment was an attempt to destroy Alex Jones because he has been embarrassing the neocon elites like the Clintons and the Bushes for years.

Does Jones spout a lot of conspiracy theories on his radio show? Yes.

Do those conspiracy theories, especially ones about powerful political elites, often turn out to be true? Yes, absolutely!

That’s why this Connecticut courtroom decided to destroy Alex Jones with this absurd judgment. Jones filed for bankruptcy because no radio host had $1.5 billion lying around that they could hand over to other people for a ridiculous and unconstitutional court settlement.

Faced with receiving nothing from Jones, the Sandy Hook families agreed to a settlement in which Jones would pay them $8.5 million per year for 10 years. This was part of the bankruptcy restructuring that both parties and the court agreed to. To pay the families $8.5 million per year, Jones obviously has to continue doing his radio show from the Infowars studio. The judge in the bankruptcy agreed to this because it is a better-than-nothing resolution.

However, Chief Restructuring Officer (CRO) Patrick Magill, who has been assigned to oversee the restructuring of Infowars, appears to have gone berserk. He’s trying to seize the Infowars studio without a court order and shut Jones down.

During a four-hour X space over the weekend, Jones was joined by popular rightwing figures like Steve Bannon, Roger Stone, and Gen. Mike Flynn as he refused to open the door for Magill. Gen. Flynn posed an interesting theory during the X space. He suggested that NATO is getting closer to staging a false flag in Europe to try to draw Russia into a broader war with the US. That would give Joe Biden the excuse to cancel the 2024 election in America, which he’s likely to lose to Donald Trump. Flynn suggested that this is the reason why they’re suddenly violating the bankruptcy restructuring agreement and attempting to shut Infowars down completely—since Alex Jones has been the only one talking about the Biden regime’s plans to stage a false flag.

For now, Jones has managed to hold the CRO off by barricading himself in his studio and sleeping there. How long he will be able to hold out remains to be seen.

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