It’s Working: Pride Messaging Plummets Even Further Amid Boycotts

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The big corporations are finally starting to get the message from American consumers: If you keep shoving the endless rainbow waves of transgender grooming down our throats, we will financially destroy you.

We’ve seen it more and more — go woke and go broke. Even the New York Times recently questioned whether America is finally waking from the woke slumber it has been in.

Many companies have decided this year that they don’t want to do a Bud Light-style self-immolation. As a result, Pride messaging from corporate America has gone down by 40% compared to last year.

Bud Light got the boycotting party started by partnering with transgender weirdo Dylan Mulvaney in April. Mulvaney is a mentally ill man who does the equivalent of a blackface minstrel show on his Instagram channel, making a mockery of actual women by pretending that he is one.

So… not exactly Bud Light’s former target market.

Bud Light has lost somewhere in the neighborhood of $20 billion on its own. Combined with the losses suffered by Target and Kohl’s, more than $30 billion in market share has been lost because of their transgender Pride month clown antics.

It’s literally cheaper for a case of Bud Light than it is for a case of bottled water in many states now. Nobody wants to be seen with a can of the stuff in their hand because it’s now basically been re-branded as “the gay beer.”

The boycotts are working. The Mulvaney debacle happened in April, and much of corporate America took notice in time for Pride month.

It may not feel like it since every state and local government is still smothering every city bus and subway car with the anal rainbow flag, but there is a lot less Pride marketing happening on the corporate side of things.

Polling also shows that American consumers are a lot less likely to support brands that are doing transgender partnerships. If they had just left the kids alone, none of this ever would have happened.

And now, we’re seeing more and more companies drop their rainbow-tinted logos and their trans spokespeople, too.