Nearly 75% of Universities Receive a C or Worse Regarding Anti-Semitism

Ground [email protected]

Higher education is supposed to expand knowledge and intellect, right? So why, then does it seem as though only bias rules the day at most American universities these days?

And no, I am not just speaking with my own bias. Instead, take it from the Anti-Defamation League, which yearly puts out a report that grades US universities on how well they handle antisemitism.

That report came out on Thursday, and what it says is that a whopping 75 percent of college campuses need some serious work.

As you can imagine, the “Campus Antisemitism Report Card” grades schools on things like how many anti-Semitic incidents they have, how those incidents are handled, university policies and procedures, and Jewish student life.

This year, 85 schools were graded. Of those, 66 received a “C” or worse.

As ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt said in a statement, the goal for each school should be an “A,” not unlike that of any assignment anyone is given. But more than that, this is the “minimum that every group on every campus expects.”

And yet, only two schools in the entire nation, Brandeis University in Massachusetts and Elon University in North Carolina, received an “A” or “Ahead of the Pack.”

Following that, 17 schools received a “B” or “Better Than Most” grade.

When it came to “C” or “Corrections Needed,” 29 schools earned this, followed by 24 who got a “D” or “Deficient Approach,” and then 13 who received an “F” for failure.

In the group of schools receiving an F, you might be surprised (or unsurprised, depending on your outlook) to know that Ivy League and world-renowned schools like Harvard, MIT, and the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, were included.

What this says is that, by and large, American colleges are not all as “inclusive” as they’d like for you to believe – at least not when it comes to Jewish or even Christian lifestyles.

It also means that they aren’t teaching these students the facts. You know, like how antisemitism has been around for hundreds of years, with wars being waged over it and another one just beginning.

Without that knowledge, these poor American youth are likely to wind up falling into the trap of the Devil and the political left, believing that the bias of the left is correct.

This should be all the proof we need that our society needs to return to factual history and God before we fall even further off the path of righteousness.