Sacramento Becomes a “Transgender” Sanctuary City

Always Wanderlust /
Always Wanderlust /

By now, we’ve all heard the term “sanctuary city.” Usually, it refers to illegal immigrants. But Sacramento has just become the first “transgender” sanctuary city in the state.

The declaration was made by the City Council just recently, basically inviting all transgender individuals throughout the United States to move there and supposedly enjoy the freedom of being trans without discrimination.

But what exactly does the new designation mean? I mean, when you declare yourself a sanctuary, it usually means there is some kind of threat you are protecting people from.

In the case of illegal migrants, sanctuary cities protect them from law enforcement agencies like ICE, whose job it is to catch, detain, and deport them.

So, what does being a trans sanctuary mean for Sacramento?

Well, as the new policy states, it really only restricts “staff from using time or money on efforts from outside states’ legal action against people seeking gender-affirming care.”

So yeah, it doesn’t do much. Chances are, those in leadership or on staff in the city of Sacramento aren’t all that likely to help those kinds of efforts anyway.

But at least their virtue signaling is making headlines.

It’s also important to point out that Sacramento doesn’t even have a real reason to declare themselves as such. If you didn’t know, the whole state of California is kind of a sanctuary state for transgender people, as they currently don’t have any bans on transgender procedures.

So, while a trans individual might be tempted to move out of a state that does have such bans to a place like California, Sacramento really holds no more incentive than any other California city.

Another point is that Sacramento is not even the first in the nation to become a transgender sanctuary. That title goes to Ithaca, New York, who declared the same thing in September 2023. Again, New York similarly doesn’t have any bans on trans procedures, so it’s not so special either.

The only thing this really accomplishes is declaring that the city is woke enough to do so. It also likely means that the city will become inundated with whole communities struggling with mental health and self-image issues.

Sounds like a blast, right?