As Fake as His Promises: Biden Receives $100k in Plastic Surgeries 

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If you’re wondering why the 2023 model of President Joe Biden looks radically different than earlier models, you’re not alone. And it’s not a few minor “upgrades” to the base model, it’s a $100k overhaul from hair plugs to face lifts, leaving no wrinkle untouched. 

California plastic surgeon Dr. Gary Motykie is known for outing celebrities’ touch-ups and procedures, and as far as Biden goes, this “chop doc” has a lot to reveal. 

Prior to 2008, Biden was aging gracefully and seemingly naturally. After 2008, however, he began aging in reverse. It became apparent that he had fillers, altered his hairline, and had dental veneers.  

The results of Biden’s massive overhaul were commented on by his peers, including North Carolina Republican Representative Greg Murphy. Murphy, a physician, told Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo in July, “Let’s look at Joe. He’s had so much plastic surgery, so much Botox, so much filler.” 

Starting from the top down, Motykie points to several telltale signs of hair transplants, like the way the hair was grafted and Biden’s unnatural hairline. Moving down, Motykie said he believes Biden’s pixie-shaped ears and changed eye shape reveal face and brow lifts and that it’s apparent the president also receives fillers and Botox. 

One physician suggests that Biden’s extensive use of fillers and Botox treatments may be contributing to his mental decline. While it sounds like the punchline to a bad joke, studies reveal that it’s rare but possible. 

Allergan, the manufacturer of Botox, faced lawsuits from three individuals claiming serious health complications, including brain injury, following therapy. One suit, filed by Douglas Ray in 2007, outlined the extent of the injury by stating he had “sustained a severe dementing encephalopathy, with devastating brain injury. Previously an articulate and high-functioning individual, he is now fully dependent on this wife and home nursing caregivers for all activities of daily living.” 

Allergan disputed the lawsuit, claiming that there was no evidence to support the claim that Botox could cause an autoimmune reaction in the brain. Still, in 2009 Allergan was required by the FDA to issue a black-box warning highlighting the potential life-threatening consequences following the spread of the drug to areas further away from the injection site.  

And fillers are just as risky, warned Dr. Julian De Silv, a leading cosmetic surgeon in London. Severe brain complications, up to and including stroke, can arise if fillers are accidentally injected into an artery, she warned in 2014. 

It’s not a rare occurrence for people in the public eye to “get a little work done,” but Motykie estimates that Biden’s overhaul most likely cost upwards of $100k. The plastic surgeon, who has a TikTok following of over 60,000, suggests that Biden’s transformation is not recent but rather a gradual enhancement of his appearance over the years. He points to various signs of potential plastic surgery, including Biden’s hair, which has seemingly been improved with a hair transplant, and his elevated brow, hinting at a possible brow lift procedure. 

In fact, Biden had “bad” hair plugs a few years back, earning him the nickname “Plugs” from the late radio show host Rush Limbaugh. Dr. Barry Cohen, a Washington DC plastic surgeon, weighed in and explained, “Without any question, Joe Biden had hair transplants. In fact, he had bad plugs years ago. Subsequently, he filled in his frontal hairline to camouflage the bad ‘Barbie doll-esque’ plugs.” 

Attention was called to Biden’s potential cosmetic surgeries in 2021 when former president Donald Trump observed him wearing a face mask. Trump noted, “I mean, honestly, what the hell did he spend all that money on the plastic surgery if he is going to cover it up.” 

The Biden administration is not admitting that the president got a little “border control” of his own, and In the grand scheme of things, a politician getting plastic surgery is not unexpected or unusual. But it’s embarrassing for the president to spend so much on his vanity when the entire country is facing unprecedented economic hardship.  

For Biden, $100k is pocket change. And, most likely, courtesy of Burisma.