Google Ready To Take Away All of Your Privacy in the Name of Ads

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For decades now, “conspiracy theorists” have warned about artificial intelligence (AI) taking over every facet of our daily lives. Warning us that it would come to society pushed as a way to make things more convenient and to better tailor our life to our deepest desires. With that, though, would come a total loss of privacy and having every corner of your activity monitored. Always thought far off, we are now seeing it in real-time.

Welcome Google and their newest AI system “Project Ellmann.”

Designed to integrate with personal data across devices, apps, and in real time, it is designed to steal every bit of your data possible. Designed to be compiled and to sell ads, Google wants to become “Life’s Storyteller” with this new project. They aren’t directly doing this, though. Funneling this through the Google Photos division, they want to gain full access to all of your personal data. Search history, photo collections, and even Google Wallet purchases are all in the plans, with other apps not far behind.

Confirmation came from confidential documents given at a gathering inside the company. Per these documents, the AI would be given codes to go far beyond reading text, but it would also be intuitively adapted in the process and debugging of images, video, and audio. While not previously combined in this manner, the project feeds from previous AI projects. Much of the base will come from Google’s Gemini service, a program that goes toe-to-toe with ChatGPT and has been shown to be more than sufficient in data-heavy programs.

Mind you, Breitbart has previously shown that Google’s reports on the status, power, and productivity of Gemini have largely been faked.

“However, the tech giant found itself in the center of a controversy when it confessed to editing a demonstration video of the AI system…presented as a hands-on demonstration, showcased Gemini’s multimodal capabilities, including spoken conversational prompts and image recognition. It depicted the AI recognizing images and responding to them in real-time, a feat that, if genuine, would have marked a significant advancement in AI technology. However, upon closer inspection and subsequent admission from Google, it was revealed that the demo did not occur in real-time with spoken prompts. Instead, it used still image frames and pre-written text prompts.”

Coding like this is the start of almost every greatly horrific sci-fi movie that involves AI or robotics, ever.

This isn’t the kind of innovation the American people, or any large group of people the world over has been clamoring for. Instead, they want to see AI working FOR them, not ON them, and certainly not in every corner of their life.

What those “conspiracy theorists” understood that so many are now failing to recognize is the immense power this could wield. Controlling ads is only the “capitalist” reason for these programs. Less than nefarious people could easily use this to drive large crowds together, thus creating a mass terrorism event. It removes your ability to keep your deepest wishes and desires a secret. Thus, opening the door for those who would seek to harm you to have access to all of your information.

Events we thought were impossible just a year ago are suddenly not only possible but happening right outside your very door. As such, we need to start taking these advancements incredibly seriously. As a society we have advanced our technology in an incredibly short timeline. Comparatively, the evolution of us as human beings has not caught up. Giving AI all this power to do everything for us, guide us to products and services we might “need” and pay for it the whole time? No, thank you.

Time to get back to the remote cabin and the rabbit ears at this point. They went too far now.