“Firearms Expert” for the ATF Can’t Even Take Apart a Glock

Rafael Ferreira de Abreu / shutterstock.com
Rafael Ferreira de Abreu / shutterstock.com

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) got some face time on CBS’ Face The Nation. Director Steven Dettelbach decided to make the “best” use of this time by bringing out Chris Bort, the ATF’s acting Chief of Firearm’s Ammunition Technology Division, to speak with host Margaret Brennan.

As if this were a scripted comical event, Bort failed in the most menial of tasks—disassembling the slide of a Glock semi-automatic pistol. After fumbling with it like he lacks opposable thumbs, he sets it down and moves on. His stupidity isn’t done there, though. He later proceeds to call a drum magazine a “75-round clip.” Anyone with a basic knowledge of firearms knows that clips are what hold cartridges together in transport. The rounds are removed from them and usually loaded into magazines.

This buffoon showed just how unknowledgeable the ATF is at their own practices. Much the same, the “journalist” CBS sent to interview Dettelbach and Bort doesn’t ask any hard-hitting questions or even call out his horrific claims. Her lack of knowledge or ability to hold an intelligent spot of conversation at any point in the entire 20-minute segment is insulting to hard-working journalists everywhere.

People need to see this segment nationwide. It is a graphic representation of what people like President Biden have done to the nation.

Reporters used to seek out the truth at all costs. They weren’t afraid to ask tough questions or to get dirty for a scoop. Likewise, organizations like the ATF were led by people who knew about alcohol, tobacco, and firearms because they enjoyed them. Red-blooded Americans are what they all were. Instead of caring about going “viral” or just moving up the government ladder, they wanted to make a difference.

Let’s bring back the experts—the ones who shoot in their free time and are always armed—and the journalists who want to be straightforward with the people and not present a slanted and uninformed edition.