Biden Spends $50M to Brand Trump as a Convicted Criminal

Matt Smith Photographer /
President Biden’s campaign has launched a $50 million television ad blitz targeting Donald Trump’s 34-count felony business fraud conviction. This ad campaign marks the first time the 81-year-old Democratic president has highlighted Trump’s conviction by a Manhattan jury on May 30, attacking the 78-year-old GOP presidential candidate as “a convicted criminal who’s only out for […]

Dominion Voting Machines Derail Chaotic Puerto Rican Elections

Pamela Brick /
The voting machines that were the center of controversy in the stolen 2020 election in America have just caused another electoral train wreck—this time in the Puerto Rican primaries. Dominion Voting Systems machines were used across the island nation for the primary elections, and the results were nothing short of catastrophic. Election officials in Puerto […]

62% of Voters Favor Deporting Illegal Immigrants 

KongNoi /
It’s the latest devastating news for President Joe Biden. Americans do not want his continued immigration flood at the border, and a majority of voters would back mass deportations of immigrants who are already in the country illegally.  According to a survey by CBS News/YouGov, 62% of registered voters support the idea of a new […]

FBI Under Fire for Revoking Security Clearance Based on Employee’s Pro-Trump, Second Amendment, Anti-Vax Views 

Militarist /
An FBI employee finds himself with a lot of spare time after the agency revoked his security clearance for his conservative views. During a top-secret security clearance review for a longtime employee, FBI officials questioned witnesses about the employee’s support for former President Donald Trump, his views on the COVID-19 vaccine, and his attendance at […]

Biden Says Crime is Down as Illegal Aliens Are Raping Family Pets to Death

Gorodenkoff /
You really have to hand it to the Democrat Party when they decide they have to fake the American people out for an election. They go all-in on it. They’re able to coordinate conspiracies at a nationwide level that put the GOP to shame. The latest fake narrative that they’re rolling out is that crime […]

Dem Task Force Preemptively Hamstrings a Trump Presidency

noamgalai /
It seems that Democrats have told the “Trump is dangerous to democracy” lie so often that they believe it themselves. Overly concerned House Democrats worry that Trump might act on all the things they manufactured for his presidential agenda, have put together a task force to stop him from doing things he never said he […]

Shock Report: All New Jobs in the Past Year Have Gone to Illegal Aliens

Tada Images /
If you’ve been scratching your head and wondering why all the White House economists claim that the economy is “white hot,” you’re not alone. Most Americans have noticed the discrepancy by now. The Biden regime keeps talking about all the new jobs that have been created—and yet your nephew with the engineering degree from a […]

Supreme Court Hands IRS 9-0 Victory – Say Goodbye to Your Estate Tax Refund!

Olga Maksimava /
The Supreme Court’s recent decision has significant implications for estate planning, particularly for family-owned corporations. On June 6, the court unanimously ruled in favor of the IRS in Connelly v. Internal Revenue Service, which concerns the tax treatment of life insurance proceeds used to redeem a decedent’s shares in a closely held corporation. Justice Clarence […]

California to Destroy Ancient Forest to Save You from the Weather

Travellingdede /
If you haven’t been convinced yet that the climate hoaxers are the most dishonest frauds in human history, this story should do the trick. California is allowing a private equity company to destroy an ancient forest of endangered Joshua trees to make way for another massive, ugly farm of dopey solar panels. Don’t worry, it’s […]

Criminal Referrals on the Way for Hunter and James Biden 

Proving the theory that “no one is above the law,” Republican House committee members leading the impeachment inquiry of President Joe Biden have recommended that James and Hunter Biden be charged with perjury for their false statements before the panels.  The Oversight Committee Chairman, James Comer, the Ways and Means Committee Chairman, Jason Smith, and […]

Crook Zelensky Just Spent $200M on a 5-Star Beachfront Casino in Cyprus

Oleksandr Osipov /
Aren’t you glad that Congress just sent another $61 billion in American taxpayer money to Ukraine? We can tell you one person who is really happy about it: Mrs. Zelensky! Her husband, the corrupt and unelected dictator running Ukraine, just plunked down $200 million to purchase a beachfront casino resort in the Mediterranean Sea nation […]

Fauci Under Fire: GOP Slams ‘Dr. Fear’ with Calls for Prison

Phil Pasquini /
Earlier this week, the House Oversight Committee’s Select Subcommittee held a hearing on the Coronavirus Pandemic. Fauci, previously in charge of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), was testifying before the House Oversight Committee. The hearing turned contentious when Georgia Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene refused to address Dr. Anthony Fauci by […]

Hunter Biden Gun Trial Drama: Key Evidence and Witness Rejected by Judge

Andrew Leyden /
Right before jury selection for Hunter Biden’s gun trial, federal Judge Maryellen Noreika unleashed a double whammy on Hunter Biden’s defense just before jury selection, leaving them scrambling for a Plan B. These setbacks could significantly impact Hunter Biden’s already challenging legal battle, where he faces charges of illegally purchasing and possessing a firearm while […]

Biden’s Hands Are Clean? Yeah, Right – Who’s Buying That?

Jonah Elkowitz /
President Joe Biden recently dismissed claims that he was orchestrating the criminal conviction of former President Donald Trump. With a smug laugh, Biden remarked, “I didn’t know I was that powerful,” when asked about Trump’s assertion that the Biden administration was behind the 34 felony counts Trump was convicted of. Outside the White House, journalists […]

Voters Without College Degrees Leaving Biden in Droves 

Drazen Zigic /
President Joe Biden is losing support among many voting blocs, but this one may hurt him the most. Those without college degrees are turning away from the President in record numbers.   Recent Reuters/Ipsos polling indicates that Biden is experiencing a decline in support among voters without college degrees. This demographic includes Black individuals, Hispanic women, […]

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