Over 1 Million Have Stopped Watching Fox Over Tucker’s Ousting

Lutsenko_Oleksandr / shutterstock.com
Lutsenko_Oleksandr / shutterstock.com

I assume that, like me, most of you haven’t watched much of Fox News since they unceremoniously fired Tucker Carlson last month. And that makes the media giant’s mistake more than just a rather large blunder. In fact, it could be their undoing.

According to recently pulled data from Fox and other news outlets, viewership is way down. Mediaite reported that before Tucker was released, his “prime time” block of 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. usually brought in about 2.6 million total viewers. Afterward, that number has dropped to 1.6 million viewers.

Now, this is not the surprising part.

With Tucker gone, a fan favorite, we all knew Fox wouldn’t get the ratings they were used to seeing. Neither is it all that surprising that outlets like CNN and MSNBC have had some rather good ratings due to Fox’s demise.

Instead, the surprising part is where all those million viewers and Tucker fans went to.

Fox had to know, without a doubt, there would be a drop in viewership. However, as they are a conservative network, they likely assumed that those viewers would simply switch to another lesser-known conservative news source such as Newsmax or even One America News Network.

This would mean that once everything blows over, they might be able to pull most of those lost viewers back, granted they figure out how to adequately replace Carlson.

However, that seems less likely by the day.

You see, viewers aren’t really going anywhere else. Sure, ratings at Newsmax have gone up, even significantly for the network. But that gain is nowhere near what Fox lost.

So where are those viewers going?

Well, data says they are going nowhere, as if they aren’t even watching conservative news anymore. It seemed when Tucker Carlson left broadcast news, his fans did too, altogether.

And that means Fox’s chances of rebounding are increasingly dismal. Oops.