Lauren Boebert Gets DNA Results and Settles Accusation Once and for All

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As you likely know, conservative firebrand and Colorado Representative Lauren Boebert has been entangled in a bit of controversy of late. However, thanks to what turned out to be a not-so-simple DNA test, it’s all been officially resolved.

Basically, it all revolves around her father, or who her father isn’t.

According to Boebert’s mother, her father is Stan Lane, a former professional wrestler who Shawn Roberts Bentz claims to have had sexual relations with. Shortly after the birth of Boebert, born Lauren Opal Roberts, in 1986, Lane “received notice that a woman I had a short affair with was accusing me of fathering her child.”

Naturally, according to The Daily Beast, a DNA paternity test was done to resolve the accusation. The results said that Lane was not the father.

As Lane noted, “I was declared not to be the father, and the case was dismissed.”

However, years later, it was discovered that the now-deceased phlebotomist who ran that test had been involved in a number of questionable practices and even misconduct in other paternity cases. So Boebert’s mother reasserted her claims that Lane was the father and somehow owed her.

To say it’s all been blown a bit out of proportion by the mother is quite an understatement. But seeing as the issue didn’t seem to go away and Boebert kept being questioned about it all, she has again sought a paternity test.

According to Lane’s statement, Boebert agreed to have another paternity test done to put the matter to rest once and for all.

“I agreed to take another DNA paternity test with Lauren Boebert in May 2023. I allowed Lauren to handle the chain of custody for the samples to alleviate any doubt with the results.”

Those results came in on May 11, and, once again, Lane was declared not the father. In fact, the test noted him to have a “0.0% chance of being the biological father.”

Since the test has relieved Lane of any responsibility he may have had, Boebert has issued a sincere apology on behalf of herself and her mother.