Trump Gets More Good News After Indictment

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With former President Donald Trump officially being indicted by the DOJ now, you’d think his chances of another presidential term would be diminishing rather greatly. But that’s one thing Trump doesn’t seem to have to worry about at present.

According to recent polling, Trump’s doing as well as ever, and by that, I mean he’s still incredibly popular despite the current 37 counts of supposed criminal behavior.

In fact, as a new CBS News poll conducted by YouGov proves, a whopping 61 percent of all likely GOP voters say the indictment does nothing to change their opinion of Trump or affect their approval of him. Furthermore, some 80 percent said that even if he’s convicted of these crimes, he should still be able to be elected and win the presidency in 2024.

Tell me that isn’t good news for Trump. It should also be rather terrifying news for the political left.

For as long as we can remember, Trump has been painted as the bad orange guy by the Democratic Party, establishment media, and even Hollywood. They have done so, so much to discredit him, to make him look bad.

And yet, time after time, he comes up smelling like roses, never losing his popularity among the Republican base or the American people as a whole. It’s got to be an ever-constant worry for liberals.

Now, of course, there are some things about Trump that not all Republicans admire.

As the poll also noted, great swathes of GOP voters would like to see the presidential candidate focus more discussions on the future and his plans rather than what happened in 2020 or the many legal battles he’s currently involved in.

But what should tell the left that Trump is going anywhere is that a whopping 74 percent of those surveyed said that if Trump didn’t end up being the GOP nominee for 2024, they’d like to see someone “similar to Trump” in that spot.

During a time when Trump is getting all sorts of bad news, this one should brighten his day and lifts his spirits. Again, it should also put fear in the hearts of every member of the liberal left.