Trump Announces Plan to Take Down Entire Biden Crime Family Once Elected

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As you know, former President-now presidential candidate Donald Trump has all sorts of ideas and policies he would put in place that differ from Biden’s, should he be elected to the White House. And according to a recent announcement, one will include a full-blown investigation and prosecution of the “entire Biden crime family.”

The announcement was made on Monday via his Truth Social account.

According to Trump, should he return to the Oval Office, he has vowed to seek prosecution for sitting President Joe Biden and all who are connected to the alleged crimes of his family.

Of course, Trump has also promised to close the southern border and restore the United States to a place where it is energy independent.

The latter two things are fully expected, as Biden has done all he can to destroy Trump’s hard work on both of those fronts during his tenure in the White House. It would only make sense that Trump would want to undo what Biden has done.

However, this new promise to go after the Bidens takes things to another level.

Although, I don’t think at this point, pretty much anyone could argue that a prosecution leveled at the corruption in the Biden family and its connections isn’t exactly what is needed. Sure, it might seem like an overt politicization of the legal system. But isn’t that what those against Trump have been doing since 2015?

I mean, Trump was in the White House, yet the FBI could still pull off a massive investigation into the 45th president, spending millions of taxpayer dollars for a special counsel to drum up pretty much nothing.

Then it happened again, in 2020, following an incursion on the Capitol so entangled with FBI leadership and Democrat officials that, under normal circumstances, no one but the political left would be to blame. And yet, again, Trump was attacked for it.

Yes, I’d say it’s high time the corruption of the political left and Biden crime family was extinguished once and for all.