Netanyahu Announces Major West Bank Move Defying Biden

Alexandros Michailidis /
Alexandros Michailidis /

As you well know, Israel has been one of America’s longest and most faithful allies. And yet, for whatever reason, the Biden administration sees fit to harm her.

Thankfully, they have a prime minister who is willing to do what is needed and not just what men like Biden want.

According to the Associated Press, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has approved a new project in the West Bank. If all goes according to plan, some 5,700 new homes will be built there.

For those who side with Israel rather than “Palestine,” it’s a wise move. And one that is considered to be the perfect response to a recent shooting that took place in the area. As the AP noted, four Israelis were killed in an attack on the Eli settlement in the West Bank. As Eli settlement mayor Ariel Elmeliach said, “Four of our best people” were murdered. In the place where Jews are murdered, there will be more neighborhoods and more settlements built.”

According to the AP, 1000 new homes have been approved for construction in the Eli settlement alone.

Of course, not everyone is happy about the housing projects.

One Palestinian official, Wassel Abu Yousef, said this was another act of “aggression and open war against the Palestinian people.” To him, this is nothing more than “colonialism.”

For US President Joe Biden, it’s not nearly considered “open war” and all that. But it’s still not seen as a good thing.

As State Department spokesman Matthew Miller said, “The US is deeply troubled” by the move. Specifically, he noted that such “unilateral actions” will only make a “two-state solution more difficult to achieve and are an obstacle to peace.”

Then again, I’m not exactly sure what kind of “peace” Biden hopes for in Israel. Now, he’s well on his way to making an enemy out of the small Middle Eastern nation.

On Monday, he also reversed a Trump-era policy that supported scientific research in Israel. According to the Biden administration, the policy is “inconsistent with US foreign policy” all of a sudden.