GOP to File Impeachment Articles Against Garland

Christopher Penler /
Christopher Penler /

If you haven’t heard, House Republicans have passed impeachment articles against Joe Biden. And Attorney General Merrick Garland could be next on the list.

Not one but two whistleblowers have now come forward claiming that Garland has essentially been using Biden’s Department of Justice as a weapon against any and all who don’t believe or at least go along with their narrative.

The whistleblowers were specifically talking about how the DoJ has treated the whole Hunter Biden laptop scandal and the subsequent investigations into Biden’s son.

For example, it was released by the House Oversight Committee last week that the whistleblowers say that US attorney David Weiss, the special counsel who investigated Hunter, said he was not responsible for deciding to file charges against Hunter or not. According to an October 7 meeting, Weiss essentially said that was above his pay grade, inferring that Garland made those decisions.

But Garland has been adamant that he was never involved and did not interfere with the investigations in the slightest.

Clearly, someone is lying.

If it’s Garland, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy says his party will file articles of impeachment on the attorney general as well.

And more than a few of his fellow Republicans are ready to start the whole process as soon as they get an ok to do so. As Representative Darrell Issa of California says, “It’s not an empty threat.”

Of course, determining if Garland did indeed lie and discovering just how involved he was in the charges filed against Hunter is still up in the air.

But as the Oversight Committee points out, it’s not like either the whistleblowers or even Weiss would have any real reason to lie about what was said. “Mr. Shapley (a whistleblower) would have no insight into why Mr. Weiss would make these statements at the October 7, 2022, meeting if they were false.”

Besides, it’s not like Shapley is the only one with this same story.

As Issa says, “Congress can’t just look away from the culture of corruption that’s there for all to see, and the possibility of impeachment has to be on the table.”