Dem Mayor Spirals After Private Texts Admit Gun Control Does Not Work

simon jhuan /
simon jhuan /

Whoopsie! Gun-grabbing St. Louis Mayor Tishaura Jones (D) has privately admitted in text messages that gun control measures don’t work, and in fact, have the opposite effect of what Democrats always intend.

Now that she’s said the quiet part out loud, Jones has gone into damage control mode, because Democrat voters are not happy with her. Conservative voters, on the other hand, can’t stop laughing at her.

Jones’ private text messages were released under an open records request act in St. Louis. To date, Jones has publicly been a staunch gun-grabber. In a text message she sent to her father in March of this year, however, she stated, “Chicago has strict gun laws as well but that doesn’t deter gun violence.”

Well, yeah. Strict gun laws always embolden criminals and victimize the weak, innocent or helpless. The gun is the great equalizer in a dangerous world.

When a 200-pound thug kicks in a 98-pound woman’s door when she’s home alone, her Glock and sufficient time at the range are the only things that will save her from a fate worse than death.

Tishaura Jones’ previous public stance on gun control has been straightforward and liberal. She wants gun confiscation, bans on the most common sporting rifles in America, red flag laws and universal background checks. In private, Jones clearly understands that none of these things work.

According to KSKD in St. Louis, Jones’ staff is now trying to “remove them [the text messages] from public view.” They’re trying to censor the messages which were lawfully obtained under an open records request, in other words.

Many people have often wondered whether Democrats are just plain ignorant when it comes to the gun-grabbing measures they champion, or whether they are simply evil.

Thanks to Tishaura Jones’ texts, we now know the answer. They’re not ignorant. They know exactly what they’re trying to do.