College Now Making Students Gay

Ken Wolter /
Ken Wolter /

Ivy League school Brown is famous for many different things. Now they can add “getting kids to go gay” to that list of accomplishments.

According to a report by the Brown Daily Herald, just under 40% of the student body is reporting themselves as LGBTQI+.

Going from 14% in 2010 to 38% in 2023 is a huge jump. Even for a liberal mecca like Brown.

As the student paper reported, “The Herald’s Spring 2023 poll found that 38% of students do not identify as straight — over five times the national rate. Over the past decade, LGBTQI+ identification has increased across the nation, with especially sharp growth at Brown.”

As the Center for the Study of Partisanship and Ideology researcher Eric Kaufmann said, LGBTQI+ behavior had not kept pace with its identification.

“If this was about people feeling able to come out, then we should have seen these two trends rise together. What we find instead is that identity is rising much faster than behavior, indicating that people with occasional rather than sustained feelings of attraction to the opposite sex are increasingly identifying as LGBT.”

This increase with limited sexual experience but claiming different identification is troubling for many researchers. Online parenting forums reporting their kids are claiming gender dysphoria well before they even know anything about themselves and their sexuality that comes from those years.

It points to evidence that kids are making massive life-changing decisions before they have a chance to experience what life has to offer.

Coming from a sense of peer pressure to fit in, many are making this decision so they can be like their friends. While college kids can develop firm beliefs quickly, those same new friends often help form the new beliefs thoroughly.

This dangerous pastime only means that for Brown, the number will continue shooting up.