Louisiana Democrats Choose What’s Right for the State Over Their Own Governor’s Veto

Daniel Jedzura / shutterstock.com
Daniel Jedzura / shutterstock.com

Louisiana Democratic Governor Jon Bel Edwards thought he was being slick when he vetoed a ban on child sex changes in the state on July 18th. Then the House of Representatives returned a 75 to 23 vote in favor of making the ban a law despite his veto. Three Democrats joined the Republicans in voting for the law.

The state Senate returned a 28 to 11 vote, with a shocking twist. Republican state Senator Fred Mills decided to vote with the Democrats. In his eyes, these kinds of decisions are only up for discussion between patient and physician.

Gov. Edwards provided a statement about his attempted veto, saying the bill “takes away parental rights to work with a physician to make important healthcare decisions.” Now under this law, health experts are prevented from performing any medical intervention to change a minor’s appearance to confirm with their gender identity. This includes puberty blockers, mixed-gender hormones, as well as sex-change surgeries.

It does give an exemption for those who are born with a “medically verifiable disorder of sexual development.”

With LA now hopping on board with the rest of the South, they have stood together to rise once again to tell the American people that their children are safe in the South. The liberal poisoning of trying to convince kids that they should be anything other than what they are is sick. They have been spreading it from sea to shining sea for years now and using kids’ programming and story time to inject even more of their brainwashing.