DOJ Wants to Appeal Sentences to Lock January 6ers up Even Longer

lev radin /
lev radin /

You would think that after the 2020 election, Democrats would be jubilant. They “won,” after all. But that wasn’t the case. Following their fake 2020 “victory,” the Democrats became completely vindictive, retributive, and vengeful toward people who disagree with them politically. If you agree with the policies of the Biden regime, the government will never bother you in any capacity. If you disagree with Joe Biden, you deserve punishment in the gulag.

The Department of Justice, which is the most corrupt “institution” in American life right now, never pursues charges against the Biden family or people in their regime. The most vengeful prosecutions are reserved for President Trump and his supporters. In a surprise move, the DOJ is appealing the already outlandish federal sentence that Oath Keepers founder Stuart Rhodes received, so they can plead their case to a judge to lock him up even longer.

US District Judge Amit Mehta—an Obama appointee—sentenced Stuart Rhodes to 18 years in prison because of January 6th. Judge Mehta added extra years to Rhodes’ sentence after he called Rhodes a terrorist. After he was sentenced, Rhodes had to sit there while the judge explained to him what a bad person he was.

For the record, Stuart Rhodes’ actions on January 6th don’t exactly look like terrorism when you take a closer look. Rhodes never set foot inside the US Capitol. He didn’t jump on a bullhorn and urge other people to go into the US Capitol. Rhodes was unarmed, just as all the other Oath Keepers were that day. Any of the Oath Keepers who did bring firearms with them left the guns in the hotel rooms out of state and inaccessible during the protest. Again: None of the Oath Keepers were armed.

The Oath Keepers did not have a plan to enter the Capitol on January 6th. The government never even attempted at trial to prove that they did. The only Oath Keepers who entered the Capitol that day did so as they were assisting police, usually by administering first aid. The Oath Keepers and Stuart Rhodes did not have a plan to topple our democracy with their bare hands. They were there to peacefully and patriotically make their voices heard and to petition their government for the redress of grievances, which used to be legal before Joe Biden was installed in office.

The only thing that the court proved Stuart Rhodes did was that he said some mean words about the government on a private chat, which FBI informants and agents were listening in on. Did you say some mean things about the government in the wake of the stolen 2020 election? Most of us probably did. In the eyes of the Democrat Party, you therefore deserve 18 years in the gulag like Stuart Rhodes. It is illegal in their eyes to verbalize the opinion that the 2020 election was hinky.

The outrageous sentences that Stuart Rhodes and the other Oath Keepers received just aren’t enough for corrupt Attorney General Merrick Garland, however. 18 years? Not enough!

This week, the Department of Justice filed a notice that it is planning to appeal their sentences, so they can ask the court to put these innocent Americans in prison even longer. Stuart Rhodes is 57, and he’ll be 75 if he serves the full 18 years. Garland wants him to get sent away even longer, though, so that Rhodes can die in prison, all because he said some mean words prior to January 6th, and the government overheard him.