San Francisco Woman Exits Vehicle and Dumps Her Pistol Magazine at Traffic While Nude

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yhelfman /

During the peak of the evening commute in San Francisco on July 25th, police received a call about a woman who was driving recklessly on I-80 in the city. According to the report, the nude driver exited her car with a knife in her hand. Quickly getting back in her car and driving on, the woman then moved further down the Interstate.

Stopping again, she exited the vehicle and began shooting at other vehicles and drivers. A huge sigh of relief was breathed by all when it was determined that she had no clue what she was doing and nobody was hurt or killed by her shots. Once California Highway Patrol arrived on the scene, they were able to detain her.

Despite the attitude from the left about police never taking a shooter into custody alive if they are a minority, this person appears to be African American and female. Two different minority groups in one, and yet all they did was arrest her. This arrest pokes a hole in the whole theory of Black Lives Matter.

As of July 28th, the woman has remained anonymous; however, police and medical officials have her detained on a mental health hold.

While liberals will likely attempt to use this to try and force further gun reform, don’t let them distract you from the real problem- this woman had massive mental health problems and could not get the help that she so obviously needed. By keeping her from getting that help, this woman obviously lashed out. Perhaps instead of giving offenders a free pass to go free, the city can try taking care of its citizens and funding the mental health that the whole damn city needs.