AG Wants Trump’s Case Moved to His State to Ensure a Fair Trial

Gary Varvel /
Gary Varvel /

As you all likely know by now, former President Donald Trump has been officially charged, and a trial will be held in March to seal his fate. But as a number of people are saying, the trial should be moved to an alternative venue.

In particular, the state of West Virginia has been offered up as a fair suggestion, with fair being the keyword.

According to WV Attorney General Patrick Morrisey, there’s no way a man like Trump will get a fair trial in Washington, DC., where the trial is currently scheduled. And so it should be moved, preferably to somewhere like his home state, where a fair trial, hearing, and tribunal will be meted out.

As he told Fox News host Maria Bartiromo on Sunday, “One of the fundamentals of due process in our criminal justice system is to be able to have a fair trial in a fair tribunal. And does anyone watching, does anyone in America believe that President Trump will get a fair shake out of Washington, DC.?”

Voter statistics alone for the area prove it to be home to more Democrats than anything else. And by more, I mean that over 92 percent of DC residents identified themselves as Democrats in 2020.

So it goes without saying that most of those on the jury, in the courtroom, etc., will be Democrats and, therefore, much more likely to vote against Trump’s innocence based on politics alone.

Meanwhile, Morrisey says that in West Virginia, the odds of a “fair shake” are much higher for a GOP member and one with such a high profile. “We have a number of federal district courthouses that could properly house this. I think he could get a fair hearing.”

Of course, Morrisey isn’t the only one suggesting a venue change for Trump’s trial.

Even Trump’s biggest opposition at the moment, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, agrees that the trial should not be held in DC, “the home of the swamp.”

Only time will tell if true justice prevails and Trump is given another venue. I’m not holding my breath.