Texas Border Dem Switches Parties in Epic Move

Maria Dryfhout / shutterstock.com
Maria Dryfhout / shutterstock.com

Another Democrat has realized that her party is not what she once signed up for. And so, she’s officially made the switch to GOP.

Enter Kira Talip Sanchez, an attorney for Kleber County in south Texas, near Corpus Christi. As a lawyer in that area, she knows all too well the dangers of having an open and unrestricted national border just over two hours from her place of work.

Unfortunately, her fellow party members have kept the border so dangerous. And Sanchez is sick of it.

So according to Fox News, she’s making the switch and being welcomed with open arms.

“As County Attorney, I have been proud to work with law enforcement to ensure the safety of the citizens of Kleberg County. There is an unprecedented crisis at our southern border. I believe the GOP’s policies of law and order, protecting safety, and backing the blue best align with my values and the values of the citizens of Kleberg County.”

Cassy Garcia, Texas President of Hispanic Republicans, is glad to see Sanchez joining their ranks. Additionally, she had seconded the attorney’s message on the values of the GOP, basically that they are not what they once were.

Garcia knows the county has leaned blue for decades, largely due to denser Hispanic populations who historically vote Democratically. However, as she points out, people everywhere are starting to realize “this is no longer their Abuelos’ (grandfather in Spanish) Democratic Party. It’s become too radical, elitist, and out of touch with our values.”

To her, it’s no surprise that those like Sanchez are making the switch.

In the Lone Star State, no less than five elected officials have recently jumped sides, choosing the GOP as home. In other states, such as Louisiana and Mississippi, a whopping 15 have traded blue for red. And Dems in Georgia, West Virginia, and Congress all seem to be doing the same.

Let’s just say that things aren’t looking too good for the party of open borders anymore…