Gavin Newsom is Stealing Kamala’s Spotlight

With 2024 coming up, you would expect that Joe Biden and his vice president, Kamala Harris, would have some competition. But from a guy who’s not actually even running to take either of their seats?

That’s exactly how more than a few on the Biden/Harris team are starting to view California liberal and Governor Gavin Newsom.

As you know, Newsom has made it quite clear that he’s not running for the presidency of 2024. 2028? Well, that’s a different story. Not that it should really be of any concern yet.

And yet, for those who are loyally positioned behind Biden, and more specifically, Harris, Newsom still contains a very real threat.

NBC News says Newsom “is increasingly being viewed as a nuisance to some of President Joe Biden’s political advisors.”

Those close to the situation admit that while Biden and most of his allies no longer see Newsom as a “wannabe challenger,” seeing as how the Californian isn’t running and it’s now too late to enter the race. However, they aren’t particularly comfortable with how he seems to be ‘campaigning.’

Per the Sunday report, Newsom’s plan to debate his Republican counterpart in Florida, Ron DeSantis, on live television is of some concern. In fact, some say it “carries more risk than potential reward.”

Additionally, those in Harris’ camp are taking the whole thing as an attempt for Newsom to position himself as the Democratic presidential nominee “at her expense.” One of Harris’ outside advisors even said of Newsom’s actions, “It’s disrespectful.”

The question is why. Why would it be disrespectful for Newsom to set himself up for success in the future?

Part of it comes down to an age-old rivalry between Harris and Newsom, even before either held their current titles.

The other is that even though Harris supposedly has more “success” than Newsom, she’s actually done nothing but fail. And the whole nation knows it. While not being immune to failure, as his state so clearly proves, Gavin still seems to be more popular.

So, of course, they feel disrespected. They’ll just have to get over it because 2024 and 2028 won’t play out well for her.