Despite Their Posturing as a Superpower, Many Chinese Young Adults Are “Professional Kids”

Tom Wang /
Tom Wang /

For years now, the Communists in China have done everything they could to make themselves look like they have the perfect country. Painting the picture of perfection and of everyone being taken care of usually requires great discipline. However, many young adults are now quitting their jobs to take care of their parents and be “professional children.”

No, it’s not the joke from the Will Ferrell and John C. Riley classic “Step Brothers,” but rather an honest choice in careers for these people. As ABC Australia explained, many have found that they failed as a worker or a business owner. Unable to make enough to survive on their own and having senior parents who need care, they come to an arrangement. They’ll still make a modest salary, but they will have a place to live, and the job is not too intense.

Zhang Jiayi, 31, is one of these professionals. After her clothing company failed to catch on and staying in business got too hard for her, she quit and ran home. Making $1,600 a month and living with them, she helps out a lot and is frequently with them. “I go for morning exercise with my parents after getting up. I do Tai Chi with my mum as she has been learning it. My parents love traveling, so I make plans for them. When they have troubles with digital devices, I would also help them.”

A Reddit page named “Full-time Children’s Work Exchange Centre” boasts 4,000 members, and these people truly are convinced that they are employees of their parents. As some of their members explained, they couldn’t tolerate the 10-12 hour work days five days a week, and for many, it was even worse than that. As they began to see it, they were just working to live and having no purpose. They wanted more and to get somewhere with their lives.

While not titled that way here in the US, it shares a lot of the same tenets of the liberal agenda today. Someone else who has been putting in on it and working their fingers to the bone isn’t expected to have to take care of their children while they are older, yet here they are. It saves them money from hiring their help. Yet still, at the root of the subject is people failing and needing others to pick up the pieces so they can live.

In instances of this level of poor decision-making, most Americans and people around the world shake their heads and pity their parents. These parents could and should be getting along without their kids living at home, yet here they are. For China, this should be especially embarrassing, as children are expected to earn enough to take care of and honor their parents without being paid for it.

Xu Chenggang, a senior research scholar at the Stanford Centre on China’s Economy and Institutions, said, “Those who are poorer have no possibility of surviving unless they work like hell. It will be a long-term phenomenon that a large number of young people will be unable to find work. Many young people would face basic survival problems.”

While not taking the professional child route like China, many in America are doing the same but never see it. They are the ones talking about working 60-80 hour weeks with little to no vacation time. No work-life balance or anything to show for their hard work.

As much as China likes to claim their people are all the toughest, smartest, hardest working, and most demanding out there, the truth is they are overpopulated with the weak, lazy, and fat. That’s not to say they don’t have opposites who are strong, active, and fit. These smart ones are the exceptions they are so proud of, and they try to showcase them. Too bad now we know for sure it’s all just a façade.