Texas AG Declares War

chrisdorney / shutterstock.com
chrisdorney / shutterstock.com

If you’re not from Texas, you might not know that an impeachment trial was recently put forward against Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton. You would likely then also not know that it miserably failed.

And now, Paxton is pretty much declaring war.

The impeachment process against the heavy-hitting man began earlier this year, resulting in his suspension in May. According to accusations from a weak GOP-led Texas House, Paxton was guilty of bribery, obstruction, corruption, and more – all relating to a real estate developer who is a donor to the attorney general.

Naturally, it was Biden’s administration and FBI who led the investigation and ensured the Texas House heard only the bad about Paxton. The House impeached him.

However, the Texas Senate, which acted as the jury, denied that action and all 16 articles of impeachment. In fact, the Senate couldn’t even muster up the needed super majority to vote for anything against Paxton.

And so he’s been officially acquitted of everything. In addition, the Senate voted to dismiss four other upcoming impeachment charges against Paxton.

Naturally, with “truth prevailing,” as Paxton said of his recent success, “it’s back to work.” And that work includes what can only be referred to as a political call to arms.

His statement to the Biden administration and those who were against him: “Buckle up because your lawless policies will not go unchallenged.”

He continued addressing the Beltway swamp, “We will not allow you to shred the constitution and infringe on the rights of Texans. You will be held accountable.”

I’d say Biden & Co. just might have kicked the Hornets’ nest with this one. They had better be ready for a real fight now because, by the sounds of it, Paxton is just starting his warpath…