OPED: Democrat Dream of Illegals Being Employed in the US Only Works if They Bring Back 1990’s Capitalism

Pictrider / shutterstock.com
Pictrider / shutterstock.com

Back on August 24th, Governor of New York Kathy Hochul and her office issued a press release where she laid out her plans for the illegal immigrants being sent to NY from border states. She leaned on President Biden to make changes and outlined specifics.

As the release said, “In a formal request sent to the White House this morning, Governor Hochul outlined specific, outstanding requests, including expedited work authorizations for asylum seekers, financial assistance for New York City and New York State, the use of federal land and facilities for temporary shelter sites, and Title 32 designation to provide federal funding for the nearly 2,000 New York National Guard members currently providing logistical and operational support across the State.”

She proclaimed that for over a year now, she and the rest of New York State, especially those in New York City, have been pleading with President Biden for help. They believe that they are the only ones paying for this kind of mistake from the federal government and their policies on letting all these illegals just to come in on temporary waivers. No real reason for being here, they instead just showed up.

Now she has a plan to do it on her own.

“Governor Hochul directed the New York State Department of Labor (DOL) to help connect asylum seekers to employment opportunities so they can begin working immediately after obtaining federal work authorization. All asylum seekers with work authorization in New York can now register for assistance here. DOL career experts will work with individuals to assess skills, work history, education, career interests, and more and connect them with employers across the State. Additionally, the New York State Department of Labor launched a portal enabling businesses to inform the State that they would welcome newly authorized individuals into their workforce.”

This sounds like a great way to respond to the situation and to tell the people arriving there that the residents of New York have them covered.

The problem is that this work authorization would mean NY has jobs to fill. As NYC cannot take them all in and does not have jobs for all of them, they must be relocated to other sanctuary cities across the state. While these virtue-signaling districts are all over the state, they don’t have the jobs or the space in their workforce to hire them. Now if they can undercut American workers’ wages, or if the state is providing stipends to hire these illegals, which NY will gladly provide, that means American-born workers will lose their jobs. This means more people are out of work.

Issues like these are cyclic unless a new industry comes to the state and brings new jobs. Sadly, they don’t have the kind of opportunities coming to the state, and with the current tax situation, nobody can blame them for staying away. To attract those businesses, NY would need to be offering tax breaks and a worker pool that would provide what they need. While space to bring jobs back to the state is not an issue, the workforce that can support such an undertaking to even open, much less build out, a new company is largely missing.

These illegals aren’t coming with OSHA certs, good training, or even marginally marketable skills. Instead, these are the people who couldn’t hack it at home. Those who heard about the benefits and pluses of an American government that is willing to do anything it can to buy your vote and support.

So in search of the easy life and a gravy train with biscuit wheels, they come here. Risking life and limb and doing business with cartels to get here, they believe they will be handsomely rewarded just for making it here. With people like Gov Hochul in office, they’ll get that.

However, it will come at a cost. The cost? Simply returning to the 1990s kind of capitalism that provided businesses and oil companies big tax breaks and incentives for doing business inside American borders. To bring manufacturing and distribution here inside US (and NY) borders, we will need a massive change in the economy, and for the Democrats, that means giving up on a lot of their lofty Communist-based goals.

That’s right; the only way to win for the illegals is to vote Republican and bring big business back to NY.