As Biden Keeps Paying Off Ukraine, They Are Now Jailing Our Press

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With $113 billion already being given to the people of Ukraine in their fight against the Russians, the Biden administration is again asking Congress for more. This time he wants to hand over $24 billion in a single measure. With the push being against an attempted oppressive Russian occupation, under the guise of harboring Nazis, many have believed this to be a fight for freedom.

Yet an American journalist named Gonzalo Libra is sitting inside of a Ukrainian prison, and facing five to eight years due to wartime laws. Jailed under the suspicion of spreading Russian propaganda, many wonder how much “democracy” there is in Ukraine, and what the US government is funding.

When President Biden was given an opportunity to speak on this in front of the UN on September 19th, he brushed it over. Instead, he simply claimed that investing in Ukraine was like putting money towards “the future of every country that seeks a world governed by basic rules.”

Libra is a dual citizen of the US and Chile. When the Ukrainian invasion began, he was living in the city of Kharkiv. Arrested in May of this year, they accused him of spreading Russian propaganda via his YouTube channel. He suggested the Russians were provoked into attacking by the Zelensky-led government, and this was all done to advance the US-led NATO further east and to oppress Russia and other non-NATO nations.

In July of this year, he claimed he had been bailed out, and would try to race for Hungry, but has not been heard from since. He claimed if no update was published, he would have been re-arrested by Ukranian authorities, and would likely die in prison.

Per their charges, Ukrainian officials claimed Lira “had a criminal intent aimed at the manufacture, distribution materials containing justification, recognition as legitimate, denial of the armed aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine, which began in 2014, as well as justification, recognition as legitimate of the temporary occupation of part of Ukraine territory.”

What good is spending American money on Ukraine if the people inside their borders can’t ask questions about the motives of the government?