Liberal Media Deliberately Hides Dems Push for “Late Term Abortions” Up To and Including After Birth 

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NBC’s Meet the Press host, Kristen Welker, had several reasons to regret her interview with former President and GOP frontrunner Donald Trump. Her decision to sit down with Trump, while brave, ultimately proved ill-conceived, leading to widespread criticism from her peers and a challenging exchange where the President had the upper hand. 

During a recent episode of “Meet the Press,” former President Trump criticized what he called “radical people” within the Democratic Party who support abortion up to and even after birth. Welker attempted to correct him, indignantly claiming, “Mr. President, Democrats aren’t saying that,” she argued. “That’s not true.” 

Trump quickly shot back, “Of course they do.” He went on to paraphrase former Virginia Democratic Governor Ralph Northam’s 2019 comments saying that an unwelcome baby would be “kept comfortable” after its birth while the mother decided its fate.  

Welker, at this point in over her head, couldn’t counter Trump’s assertions and chose to argue that late-term abortions were rare, accounting for “only 1%” of abortions. Trump doubled down on his argument, leaving Welker weakly attempting to argue against her party’s extreme stance on abortion and the liberal media’s attempts to cover it up. 

Live Action founder Lila Rose issued a statement to Fox News Digital, denouncing liberal news platforms. “The media tries to hide this horrific human rights abuse, but the facts cannot be denied.” 

FOX News contributor Guy Benson countered Welk’s claims with a cold, hard dose of facts. “She’s wrong. That is, quite literally, the Democrat Party’s current position on abortion,” Benson wrote on He went on to point out the party’s voting record on the issue, including the 98% of Democrats who voted against a 20-week abortion ban and the 99% who supported a bill aimed at broadening “abortion access” throughout the entire nine-month period, which goes far beyond the Roe v. Wade precedent. 

Benson went on to point out that Democrats know that late-term abortions and infanticide are “appalling and profoundly unpopular” positions and that the media’s attempt to pretend otherwise is engaging in “propaganda and dishonest advocacy.”   

Last month, NBC News correspondent Dasha Burns tried to distance her network, and herself, from the issue in a heated exchange with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. During the “Today” interview, Burns asked Governor DeSantis about his stance on a nationwide abortion ban. The governor suggested that if he were in the role of president, he would use his veto power to reject such legislation. He expressed concern about what he described as “a lot of the left” attempting to undermine pro-life protections, allowing abortion “up until the moment of birth in some instances,” which he characterized as akin to infanticide. 

Burns contested DeSantis’s claim by emphasizing that “only 1.3% of abortions” occur at 21 weeks or later and argued that there was no evidence of Democrats advocating for abortions right up until birth. DeSantis, however, maintained his position that Democrats do not want any legal protections for unborn children, regardless of gestational age.  

The interview was then interrupted when NBC cut away to a different part of the conversation. 

In the full segment, aired on MSNBC, DeSantis countered Burns by quoting California’s constitutional amendment passed last year, which upheld reproductive freedom and the right to choose to have an abortion or contraceptives. The new legislation is notably missing any verbiage relating to gestational age or fetal viability, leaving the open the option of late-term abortion and infanticide. 

Over the past few years, several states, such as Maine, Colorado, and New York, have enacted laws that do not impose any restrictions on the timing of abortion procedures. 

Key Democratic figures, like Senators Bernie Sanders and John Fetterman, New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham, and New York City Mayor Eric Adams have all supported the concept of abortion with no limitations. 

NewsBusters managing editor Curtis Houck told FOX News Digital, “Abortion without limits is a sacred cow for today’s left, but their media allies are too cowardly to admit it.” 

And for good reason. 70% of Americans support having some restrictions on abortions after the first trimester. But Democrats seem to have a knack for distancing themselves from unpopular opinions, like denying that Critical Race Theory was taught in schools even though the curriculum was about as “hidden” as Bigfoot at a disco. 

Liberal news anchors may have mastered the art of pivoting to make sure their audiences never know the Democrats’ true intentions, but Trump has mastered the art of calling them out on their lies.