Dementia Not a Risk to National Security According to Leftist


Much to the dismay of viewers, the September 25th edition of MSNBC’s Deadline focused on contributor Claire McCaskill. Her disgusting views while talking with Anchor Nicolle Wallace about fitness for the Presidential office in 2024 left good Americans blown away.

How can someone rise to such a level where her voice is heard and simply be so daft?

As Wallace asked her about the topic, McCaskill made it clear that she is willing to deal with Biden being physically weak over Trump and what she deemed to be concerned about his mental well-being. Wallace fed her by loading the question by trying to balance accusations with Trump solely against Biden’s age and physical limitations. The response from McCaskill was incredibly tone-deaf.

“Trump’s out of his ever-loving mind. The things he’s saying and doing now. He’s crazy and deranged and willing to do anything and surround himself with people who will do anything he wants them to do. Whether it’s pardoning people who have been convicted for violently attacking police officers in the Capitol, or whether it’s telling his followers to do physical violence, political violence against prosecutors and judges, threatening to change who can broadcast in this country.”

She continued her tirade, “I mean, this is all nutty. He’s nuts. He’s lost his friggin’ mind. It’s so plain to see if you’re not caught up in the power he represents. This man should be nowhere near a lever of power. He is impulsive, he is irrational. He’s self-absorbed to the point of it being a dire threat to our national security and our standing in the world.”

This oversimplification of the debate the American people are currently facing is horrific. First off, Trump has only been indicted (which is not a conviction) on a few small charges. All of which have been played up for the sheep to pay attention to. Yet they have proven nothing, and the continued slanderous outbursts from McCaskill will only poison the well even further.

If growing up as the first complete generations that watched their grandparents go into nursing homes, those under 30-65 know full well the signs for when it’s time. As much as they may deny it to themselves, the answer becomes incredibly clear with very little probing or questioning. If anything, once you see them up close, you know without a shadow of a doubt that it’s time. You see the private moments for what they are.

Those kinds of moments are frequently on displace as the President, and for Biden, these moments are becoming increasingly more embarrassing. The problem is, it’s not just embarrassing for Biden, but it’s embarrassing for us as a nation. We see a man who is silently calling for help. His dementia-riddled brain, with little function beyond that of tapioca pudding, is screaming out for someone to take notice. For someone to finally step up and tend to him according to the infant age his mind has regressed to.

Accounting for his slip-ups that his handlers have already done their best to contain or limit in recent months, the question of what he might do has changed. No longer are the American people asking if Biden will slip and let state secrets go or if he says the wrong thing and tries to call the bluff of North Korea, Russia, or China. Instead, we are all asking ourselves just how bad the slip will be and if we can mitigate the problems in time.

This question should not be happening with the President of the United States. This is a position where the American people should have complete confidence in the person in charge of the direction our nation heads. Being the Commander In Chief is not an easy position. It is a position of high stress and one that demands much of the person sitting in it.

Just looking at the portraits taken of the last few Presidents, you can see just how badly the office aged them. This means we need someone who is mentally sharp and capable of fulfilling the duties of the office. It’s time for some young blood in office, and that damn sure isn’t Biden.