Over 200 Dems Side with GOP Against Biden’s Crackdown on Hunting and Archery

Carlos Caetano / shutterstock.com
Carlos Caetano / shutterstock.com

If you haven’t figured it out yet, the political left, and more specifically, the Biden administration, wants complete control over your lives. Thankfully, one of their recent attempts failed miserably, even with Democrats siding against them.

It came on Tuesday, when the House of Representatives overwhelmingly voted to approve a bill that overturns Biden’s wishes to stop federally funding any school that offers shoot sports in any way, shape, or form, according to Fox News.

The original bill, dubbed the 2022 Bipartisan Safer Communities Act, was aptly put together to create just what its name infers: safer communities, namely by cutting federal funding to schools, programs, businesses, etc., believed to be harming our neighborhoods.

Apparently, the Department of Education under Joe Biden took that to mean that schools that host and offer hunting and archery courses should be included, as they use weapons that are “technically dangerous.”

And so, all US schools with hunting, archery, and shooting sports programs were no longer given federal aid.

Of course, this poorly interpreted reading of the bill also occurred shortly after a string of mass shootings across the United States, including the tragic school shooting in Uvalde, Texas.

Thankfully, most in the House don’t agree with this interpretation.

In fact, all but one voted against it on Tuesday, Democrat Representative Veronica Escobar of Texas. All 424 others, which includes over two hundred democrats, voted that the bill, in its current condition, was “blatantly misconstrued.”

The National Shooting Sports Foundation’s senior vice president, Lawrence Keane, who fired back about the bill in July, used those words.

Additionally, Keane noted that it was an attack on the Second Amendment, and as such, “Congress must hold Secretary (of Education) Cardona accountable.”

Congress listened.

Just days after the Education Department announced its intentions, GOP Representative of Tennessee Mark Green introduced the Protecting Hunting Heritage and Education bill.

As he recently explained, the former bill made no real sense.

First of all, “Hunters and fishers are the best conservationists.” If the left is going to continue this extreme push to save the planet, then they have to admit that “hunting, whether it be with a firearm or bow, is one of the most effective ways to control wildlife populations, protect our beautiful lands, and connect with nature.”

Secondly, such school programs aren’t just about teaching how to shoot. For starters, it helps keep kids occupied in and out of school, giving them a team of peers to work towards a common goal. In Green’s state alone, over 50,000 children are estimated to be involved in one or more of these shooting programs.

That’s 50,000 students in just one state that have been given coaches to learn from, peers to connect with, and also get to know a valuable skill.

Similarly, the President of the National Archery in Schools Program, Tommy Floyd, estimates that his organization involves about 1.3 million students from nearly 9,000 schools spanning 49 states.

And that’s just archery.

Take those programs away, and you’ve essentially taken away a life opportunity for these students.

Imagine taking away school football programs because some kids get hurt occasionally. It would devastate some of these kids.

Then again, as Green and many others pointed out, the skills and safety lessons taught in these programs aren’t so much about skills or even tradition. Instead, it’s a human instinct.

Just look at history. Mankind has hunted for survival since the beginning of humanity, in every culture, every continent.

And yet, Biden thinks he can just take that away. I don’t think so.

If schools won’t teach it, it will be introduced elsewhere, in communities, and by people who know what an asset it is. So you might as well fund it. At least that way, we can ensure correct weapon handling and safety measures.

And it seems that all of Congress (minus one) agrees.