Baltimore Learning About Leftist Jail Policies the Hard Way


In Democrat-led cities and states, criminals are treating jail like a hotel. The gates are more like revolving doors at this point, and people who are habitual offenders are consistently in and right back out. Now, it cost Baltimore area tech entrepreneur Pava LaPere her life, per a report from the Baltimore Banner.

Police are on a massive manhunt for Jason Dean Billingsley.

With previous arrests for first-degree assault in December 2009 and second-degree assault in June 2011, recently, according to Newsweek, he received a good-behavior early release from a first-degree offense conviction in October 2022. The previous administration of State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby is behind his early release.

Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott spoke out in defiance against the news of his release on September 26th. Sounding like a bad Batman movie, according to ABC News, Scott said, “There is no way in hell that he should have been out on the street. When the police go out and do their job, as they did in this case … and the state’s attorney goes out and does their work, gets the conviction, the conviction should be the conviction. We are tired of talking about the same people committing the same kind of crimes over and over again.”

Democratic leaders like Scott have been consistently pushing for and approving policies that let people like Billingsley out and end up costing LaPere and others like her their lives or at least their sense of wellbeing.

LaPere had carved out a great life for herself. According to a statement from her company EcoMap, she was nothing short of amazing. “Pava was not only the visionary force behind EcoMap but was also a deeply compassionate and dedicated leader. Her untiring commitment to our company, to Baltimore, to amplifying the critical work of ecosystems across the country, and to building a deeply inclusive culture as a leader, friend, and partner set a standard for leadership, and her legacy will live on through the work we continue to do.”

Perhaps her loss will finally persuade liberals to do the right thing and keep people like Billingsley under the damn jail?