Candace Owens Responds to the “Actively Victimized” Students on Campus

lev radin /
lev radin /

Today’s youth are not as tough as previous generations. Many feel the need to point out when they get hurt – and they actively blame others when they are feeling victimized.

Recently, Candace Owens visited the University at Albany to talk about social and economic conservatism. Owens is a Republican who has been known to talk openly about politics. As an American commentator and writer, she tackles a number of conservative issues and discusses by Democratic policies have hurt the nation.

During the Q&A section of her speech, a liberal asked what Owens would say to the “trans students on this campus who feel actively victimized by your presence here.”

Keep in mind that Owens did not openly attack any of the trans students. They simply don’t like what she stands for. The idea that people are entitled to their own opinions is simply beyond them.

Owens’ response was met with thundering applause:

“Life’s tough. Get a helmet, man.”

It’s also important to know that Owens is currently over eight months pregnant. She identified as such when she was on stage, so she moved onto the next question.

She also wanted to address her comments later and posted on X.

She talked about how today’s 20-year-olds are feeling “actively victimized” because she’s standing on a stage. She pointed to the real problem, and we couldn’t agree with you more. “It is because your parents failed you, entirely. It is not my job to coddle adults.”

She makes a great point, too.

Too many of this generation’s teens and young adults want society to coddle them. They want to have parades and festivals and celebrations for what makes them unique. And yet, they don’t want to recognize that everyone is unique, and that not everyone wants a parade, a festival, or a celebration.

We didn’t always love every public speaker who showed up at our high school, college, or even job. However, we respected that people have differences of opinion. It’s possible to accept those without feeling “victimized.”

Thank goodness for people like Owens, who is willing to tell this generation what they need to hear.